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GeometricMagic v2.8.5

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  • Fixed triggering the block break event twice for storage circles
  • Added block physics cancellation for storage circles (no more blocks popping off!)
  • Improved the config updater so that the file size won't keep growing so much with every single release

v2.8.4 (FIX)

  • Somewhat hacky fix for blocks like torches and redstone popping off when use storage circles (see known caveats)
  • Removed water and lava from default place blacklist (for things such as TNT cannons or lava traps)

v2.8.3 (FIX)

  • Fixed problems with sacrifices using player's display name instead of their actual name
  • Fixed player update notifier
  • Added /circles entry for set circle 1111

v2.8.2 (FIX)

  • Fixed another rotation bug with storage circles

v2.8.1 (FIX)

  • Fixed a rotation bug with storage circles
  • Added a custom circles graph for Plugin Metrics


  • Fixed transmutation circles working without 'prongs' (ties in to storage circles)
  • Added set circle 1111 (spawn weapon: by default an iron sword)


  • Threaded transmutation

What this means: No more massive lag when performing large transmutations! It performs block changes slowly, over time now. You can modify the transmutation.rate value in the config to speed up or slow down these block changes. A lower value will make transmutations occur faster, but may lag your server. A higher value will make transmutations occur slower, but will probably spare your server some CPU. The default value is 10 (milliseconds), which translates to about 100 blocks per second (assuming no lag at all), per non-magnified block (every block inside the actual circle).

v2.7.5 (FIX)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven't updated your config in a while (since before v2.7.1), then it is highly recommended that you let it regenerate (delete it), despite the addition of the automatic config updater. Also, if you have been experiencing errors when launching your server involving GeometricMagic, regenerate (delete) your config.

Note: The config updater may rarely screw up and will always "uglify" your config! It is still always recommended to regenerate your config after every release, although I know that this may not be convenient for some people. That's why the config updater exists. Also, actual content updates coming soon!

  • Fixed config auto updater completely screwing up the config in certain cases
  • Added config updater support for v2.7.4 and v2.7.5
  • Made update check loop every hour (for those who don't restart their server often)

v2.7.4 (FIX)

  • Fixed permission for /circles


IMPORTANT NOTE: This release changes a few permissions. This is nothing that most people should have to worry about, but please check the permissions section on the main page to be sure that everything will continue to work as intended for your server.

  • Added automatic update notification
  • Added automatic config updating
  • Added "/geometricmagic [reload]" command

v2.7.2 (FIX)

  • Fixed remote circles using micro circles
  • Fixed remote circles using flint


IMPORTANT NOTE: You may have to regenerate (delete) your config file for this release!

Note: Once again, thanks to ryvix who did a lot work in this release! Everything listed in italics was done by ryvix.

  • Fixed duplication using philosopher's stone (see below)
  • Fixed /setcircle
  • Fixed transmutation circles not using data
  • Fixed many minor bugs
  • Added proper transmutation block blacklisting support (individual lists for breaking and placing)
  • Added support for customisable data in transmutation (Example: Different values for each colour of wool)
  • Added cooldowns (with permissions to bypass them as well as hunger costs)
  • Added configuration option for philosopher's stone modifier
  • Added configuration option for hunger costs
  • Added configuration option for the amount of redstone given using set circle 1234
  • Added configuration options for the limits of augmentation and set circles 3334, 3344
  • Added AntiCheat compatibility
  • Added /circles command to show the list of circles
  • Cancel use of crafting table instead of destroying it
  • Philosopher's stone modifier defaults to 1
  • Removed philosopher's stone modifier for transmutation circles

v2.6.1 (FIX, Beta)

  • Fixed potential crafting table security exploit

v2.6 (FIX)

  • Fixed permissions (again, but for sure this time)


Note: If you experience issues with transmutation not working, please delete your config and allow it to regenerate (although you should not have to do this, and if you do, please post a ticket on GitHub or a comment here).

  • Fixed set circle 1222 not working properly in XP mode
  • Added event simulation (for compatibility with protection plugins)
  • Block values are now configurable!

v2.4.2 (FIX, Beta)

Note: I'll be colour coding entries from now on for easier viewing.

  • Fixed permissions
  • Plugin Metrics
  • Preparation for event simulation (This will mean better security and compatibility with protection plugins when it's implemented)

v2.4.1 (Beta)

Note: Thanks again to ryvix for fixing the enchantment bug (I'd completely forgotten about it)

  • Set circle 1133 now keeps enchantments when repairing items


WARNING: This release contains breaking changes! See the underlined entry for more information.

  • Added config file
  • Re-added support for the XP-based transmutation system (now the default system)
  • FULL permissions overhaul! Literally everything has changed. Please see the main page for more information on permissions
  • Vault is now optional (You only need it if you're using the Vault-based transmutation system)


(BIG thanks to ryvix for doing pretty much everything in this release!

  • Fixed teleportation circles not working in some directions when using fine tuning on first block
  • Lightning only activates if you click on the proper block for the transmutation circle
  • Fixed transmute in one direction were a block off
  • Fixed potential resource leak and close sacrifices.txt when done with it
  • Added Vault Support

- Micro circle now says "You have " + balance from Vault

- Added permissions for transmutation circle sizes will give players all circle sizes below the max number they have or all if they have

  • New Permissions:

- circle.transmutation.*

- circle.transmutation.9

- circle.transmutation.7

- circle.transmutation.5

- circle.transmutation.3

- circle.transmutation.1

  • Added support for different block subtypes to transmutation circles, i.e. wool, stone bricks, leaves, etc.
  • Tell player they are hungry if they don't have enough food when they make a philosopher stone, but still takes all the fire and gives them diamonds
  • Disallow transmuting mob spawners


  • Official continuation release


Uploaded on
Sep 09, 2012
Game version
  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0
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