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Note: cakenggt is the original developer of this plugin. However, he discontinued development of this project, so I am continuing it for him.

This plugin contains optional Vault integration. If you want to use the Vault transmutation system instead of the XP system, you need to set the value of transmutation.cost in the config file to 'vault'. Along with Vault, you will also need a Vault-compatible economy plugin.

Videos of GeometricMagic

Geometric Magic

GeometricMagic adds the functionality of Geometric Magic, like that shown in Fullmetal Alchemist and more. Through redstone designs on the ground, one can do wondrous things such as teleport, transmute blocks, and build grand sculptures with little to no effort.


  • Transmutation (change blocks of one type into another with energy costs, or magnify a small template)
  • Teleportation (works better if the player actually puts time into calculating where they want to end up)
  • Set-Circles (circles with a specific purpose which can be activated remotely through Alkahestry)
  • Philosopher's Stone (an item that will magnify your alchemical power, the construction of which comes with a terrible price)
  • Storage (store up to 1225 blocks in a file for later use)


v2.4 and onwards contains new permissions! However, by default you do not need to set any permissions up. The only reason why you would need to set permissions up would be if you wanted to restrict access to standard features to certain groups/players, or if you wanted to allow some groups/players to use transmutation circles larger than the default size of 1.

PermissionEffect(s)Default value
geometricmagic.*Gives full access to the pluginOP
geometricmagic.standardGives standard access to the pluginTrue
geometricmagic.teleportationGives access to the teleportation circleTrue
geometricmagic.microGives access to the micro circleTrue
geometricmagic.transmutation.*Gives access to all sizes of transmutation circlesOP
geometricmagic.transmutation.<Odd # from 1-9>Gives access to size (x) transmutation circles1: True, Other: OP*Gives access to all sizes of storage circlesTrue<Odd # from 1-9>Gives access to size (x) storage circlesTrue
geometricmagic.setGives access to all set circles and /setcircleTrue
geometricmagic.set.*Gives access to all set circlesTrue
geometricmagic.bypass.*Gives access to all bypassesOP
geometricmagic.bypass.cooldownAllows bypassing of cooldownsOP
geometricmagic.bypass.craftingAllows bypassing of crafting restrictionOP
geometricmagic.bypass.hungerAllows bypassing of hunger costsOP
geometricmagic.bypass.sacrificeAllows bypassing of loss of alchemical abilitiesOP
geometricmagic.command.setcircleGives access to /setcircleTrue
geometricmagic.command.circlesGives access to /circlesTrue
geometricmagic.command.geometricmagicGives access to /geometricmagicTrue
geometricmagic.command.geometricmagic.reloadGives access to /geometricmagic reloadOP

TL;DR: By default, you shouldn't have to change any permissions. If you want to completely prevent a user from using any features in this plugin, set geometricmagic.standard to false. If you want to give a user full access to this plugin, including all sizes of transmutation circles and the /geometricmagic reload command, set geometricmagic.* to true.


There are 3 commands included in this plugin:

  • /setcircle #### - Binds set circle #### for use when right clicking with flint. 0 resets
  • /circles - Displays a list of set circles
  • /geometricmagic [reload] - Displays plugin help or executes given sub-command (Only sub-command is reload at the moment, which reloads the plugin's config file


Set circles guide

Storage circles guide

Bug Reports

Please post these on GitHub. Please provide (at minimum) the following information:

  • What the most likely cause of the issue was (such as what you were doing at the time)
  • Any errors displayed in the console (Please use for these!)
  • The version numbers of the plugin and of Craftbukkit (Don't say 'latest'!)
  • Any additional information you can provide, such as potentially conflicting plugins


  • Balance changes
  • Leveling system
  • Multiple people required for some advanced circles
  • More than just flint for linking circles to items
  • Add command to list learnt circles
  • Add circles that are harder to learn
  • Limit amount of souls that can be used
  • Configuration option for disabling villagers dropping souls
  • Prevent player soul farming
  • Third system for stored alchemy value: alchemy points
  • Cooldown on lightning to prevent spam
  • More configuration for souls
  • Name items (fire could be called 'soul')
  • Other circle designs
  • More circles with varying effects (suggestions please?)


  • cakenggt (BukkitDev, GitHub) - Original plugin
  • ryvix (BukkitDev) / ty2u (GitHub) - Code contributions
  • Goldkoron (BukkitDev) - Video

Servers using GeometricMagic

Please notify me via PM if you want your server to be listed here, making sure to list the server's name and the IP.

Source code

Note: Geometric Magic implements a notification system for updates, and in versions newer than 2.8.5 can be disabled by changing autoNotify in the config to false.

Geometric Magic also collects anonymous statistics via PluginMetrics, data of which can be found here. This can be disabled by setting opt-out to true in 'plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml'.


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