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    fixed messages to display only in certain worlds, v.
    revertet workaround for experience exploit, v.
    added workaround for unknown bukkit versions, again, v.
    fixed experience bug
    fixed world height issues
    fixed issues with metrics
    added some debug code, fixed iron golem
  • added iron golem
    updated for 1.2.4 (should work with 1.2.5)
  • fixed tombs
    fixed deathsign being empty
    fixed issue with bukkits without a version number
    should run on 1.2.3-R1
    fixed bug with worldguard not being there
    fixed a bug which was introduced by bukkit 1.1-R6
    fixed an issue with utf-8, v
    pushing some minor internal changes
    fixed issue with teleporting, already implemented new height check,
    fixed issue with teleport into void, disabled teleporting into nether if configured to use highest block,
    fixed issue with MAGMA_CUBE,
    fixed a bug when player had no tomb, added debug for deathlog,
    added worldguard region canBuild,, close #69
    fixed issue with CB,, close #71
    fixed skeletons not recogniced correctly,, close #70
    fixed an exploit with exp
    added some messages from mog1255
    add Magic and Poison Death causes and messages
    implemented version 3 of metrics, incl tracking of deathtp, tombstone and tomb
    fixed several issues with tombs
    updated to new bukkit event system
    fixed loophole where player suicide doesn't reset kill streak
    fixed issue wolf and slime not recognized
    fixed issues with some monsters not recognized correctly
    fixed issue with lockette protection not working
    fixed issue with Lockette Signs not at the right place, ver
    removed craftIRC for the moment, ver
    integrating Metrics from Hidendra, ver (for opt-out please read here!)
    fixed Tombs being mistaken for Air during load, issue # 65, ver
    fixed displaying update available even if not true, close #63 ver.
    fixed NPE when player had tomb but was clicking a normal sign, close #61
    fixed an npe when dynmap was not installed
    fixed issue with " and double ' which was caused by switching to "
    new versioning. implemented close #58
    added allow to keep all exp, close #57
    dynMap integration
    hopefully removed a NPE caused by essential, close #45
    implemented allowTombAsTeleport
    added admin comand to remove tomb
    implemented showDeathNoticesOnConsole, close #53
    implemented showDeathNotifyInDeathWorldOnly, close #56
    fixed missing correct permissions
    integrated usage tracking, can be disabled by disabling checkForUpdate
  • 3.4.1597
    removed backwards compability with old permissions, so deathtp.deathtp, deathtp.kills, deathtp.streak, deathtp.deaths
    added shouldOnlyCreateInAir option to help placeing DeathSigns and Tombstones in saver areas
    switch creation of TombStone and DeathSign around so that DeathSign dont interfere with TombStones anymore
    fixed dropped exp not being transfered via quickloot
    fixed displaying DeathType instead of DeathMessage on Signs
    changed ' to " in configs, also supports üöä
    added missing mobs to getCreatureType util function
    fixed weapon name for projectiles
  • 3.3.1597
    Support for LWC 4
    Fix Compass directions to use NewNorth
    Remove payed message when amount is 0.0 (needs testing)
    moved messages from info to informational, renamed error logging to informational
    fixed bug with unknown cause of death/deathtype
  • 3.3.1597
    Support for LWC 4
    Fix Compass directions to use NewNorth
    Remove payed message when amount is 0.0 (needs testing)
    moved messages from info to informational, renamed error logging to informational
    fixed bug with unknown cause of death/deathtype
  • 3.2.1597
    Fixed TP into void
    Fixed mobarena disabling the plugin (my fault)
    Implemented new versioning system
  • 3.2
    Updated for CB 1597, Minecraft 1.0.1 incl new mob messages (yeah)
    Fixed some issues with Tombs... sorry for not having that in 3.1
    TP into VOID problem still exists :-(
  • 3.1
    Check for teleporting into unloaded chunk and load it if necessary
    Implemented Safeteleport option insted of highest block available
    Added MobArena support to not create TombStones and DeathSigns
    Added Keep Exp when you have a TombStone, this will allow you to keep the Exp which is normally being dropped if you quickloot a tombstone
    Added option to disable broadcasts in certain worlds
    Added option to use DisplayName during broadcasts (Note: this can cause NPE's if you have weired DisplayName, please report them!)
  • 3.00
    Integrated Tomb
    Integrated updating config file, separated death and tomb messages
    Major reworking, big thanks to mung3r
    Removed Register support, please use vault from now on
  • 2.03
    changed DisplayName to Name for most parts of the code, that should fix issues with strange characters in DisplayNames
  • 2.02
    Fixed an NPE (I hope)
    Fixed spam in console when enabling plugins
  • 2.01
    Minor Bug Fix, only necessary if you are running both Vault AND Register
  • 2.0
    integrated a fork of furt of cenopath which is a fork of tombstone..
    integrated vault as another method to support economies
    integrated pull from mung3r (silverfish, some cleanup, vault support)
    did some refactoring
    Update Notification implemented
    RB 1337 support
  • 1.92a
    Added Multiworld Support with general config and permissions
  • 1.91
    Updated death issues to 1.8.1, e.g cavespider
  • 1.90a
    Fixed ClassCastException
    Updated to RB 1240
  • 1.90
    Forked the Plugin
    Updated to RB 1185
    Changed Permission System to SuperPerms
    Changed iConomy to Register
    Fixed messages being displayed on console and not on player screen
    Added deploying of default config file if you don't have it.
  • Version 1.86 from lonelydime
    Added support for lightning
    Added support for iConomy 5

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