DeathTpPlus announces a death with a random message based on the death cause and allows you to teleport to the point of death It can also create a TombStone at the place you died to let you save your inventory (aka DeadMansChest).You can also create a tomb sign which can be used as respawn point and as a place of information of how often you died and what your last death cause was.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to some issues with yaml you can get the following error: unacceptable character '?' " in the log, The fix is to remove the รค atm from the default messages and if you have custom messages to remove any of them using special characters. Sorry about that!

How does it work?

Take a look at how it works.. Videos

Also take a look at this picture to know what I'm talking about in the config file and on these pages AllTheStuff

Based on the original plugin from lonelydime. Integrates a fork of furt from cenotaph and tomb from dark_balor.

PLEASE NOTE: Mung3r is taken over from here, he did already help me a lot and is willing to keep this plugin updated. THANKS a lot



  • Use /deathtp to teleport back to where you died.
  • Optional: Charge a player an item to teleport (must be in the player's hand).
  • Optional: Vault support for economies


  • Customizable messages for every kind of death.
  • Supports multiple messages per kind of death, chosen randomly when someone dies.
  • Custom colors per message.
  • PvP messages that show the attacker as well as what they killed with. Item names have been cleaned up to look pretty.
  • Optional: Show deathsigns where someone died and how they died.


  • Create a TombStone where you die and save your inventory.
  • Highly Configurable via Permissions
  • More Info on the TombStone Page


  • Create a Tomb Sign which holds the following information: The name of the player, the number of times he died and what was the last cause.
  • Can be used as respawn point after death
  • There can be more than one Tomb
  • You can configure if the respawn point is based upon the world the player is in or across worlds
  • More Info on the Tomb Page

Other stuff

  • Streaks (Show a custom message when someone has killed a custom set of people or died a custom amount of times.)
  • DeathLogs (Show the total number of times somebody died)
  • MultiKills (Well... you know.... quake style... no sound though :-) )
  • More Info on the DeathTpPlus Page

Don't want one of the features? No worries! Just disable it in the config file and it'll be like that feature isn't in the plugin at all! The file IOs aren't called and neither are the methods used for those features. Worried about performance? Don't be!


  • Upload the DeathTpPlus.jar file into your plugins directory.
  • Start your server or do a reload
  • Configure the config.yml file in your plugins/DeathTpPlus/
  • Change the deathmessages and tombmessages to your liking, if you have some good ones post them here!
  • Give the permissions to use certain commands or features
  • Restart your server or do a reload to read changed config

Further Information like permissions, configuration and commands




DynMap Integration





  • Upcoming Features
  • MAJOR Internal Reworking (that is really necessary)
  • Updates to RB of CB


  • Q: Colors are not working correctly in messages, what is wrong?
    A: If you are using Essentials Chat turn that off, otherwise you need to live with it or ask Essentials Teams why that happens.
  • Q: What does "expected <block end>, but found Scalar" in my log messages mean?
    A: Probably you forgot to use \" or ' to get a "
  • Q: I see a killed by X message but I did use /suicide from essentials or similar.
    A: This is a bug of the other plugin not setting the death cause correctly. Nothing I can do. Sorry.
  • Q: If I die in a cave or in nether and use /deathtp I will teleport back to the place I died but on top of the world
    A: Change teleportToHighestBlock: true to false but read the comments first in the config.
  • Q: Could you support RegionPlugin XYZ?
    A: Not until a general API similar to Vault for economics comes out. I will support region plugins I use myself.
  • Q: Can I help you?
    A: Sure, you can try the most recent dev-build... should be in sync with the github issues!!!


Actual Art is from JanTTuX, prior Art was from Wassilij.
Some silverfish deathmessages from boytheo
Some deathmessages from mog1255
Some coding help from dark_balor

  • CoRnMail


    official 1.3.1 release, no changes to
    changed new commands to dtptop and dtpreport with aliases for report and top
    fixed a ClassCastException, top works in console now
    fix for EventException caused by ConcurrentModificationException
    fix for Failed to edit death log: java.lang.Exception: Failed to rename death log.
  • (pulled)
    npe fix during start
    class cast fix
    added CraftIRC back again
    "top" and "report" command
    sounds for spout clients
    periodic saving of death log files
    fixed issue with logging death twice
    fixed issue #80 where broadcast would show in world2 if you set it only to broadcast in world
    lot of internal stuff

More changes can be found here.


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