PvP Soup

PvP Soup

PvP Soup

The ultimate PvP plugin, no lag and easy to use!

PvP Soup is 1.7.4 compatible!

What is it?

PvP Soup is a plugin that allows you to insta-eat mushroom stew to heal. At full health, you fill up your food bar instead!

You can craft custom soup, Cacti Juice and Chocolate Milk, like the ones at MCPVP!

This plugin won't lag your server, it's built on efficient code and it's so easy to use! So why wait? Improve the pvp experience on your server today!

PvP Soup in action:

How to use

Just drag and drop into your plugins folder!
Use the config to change and/or disable certain features!

Crafting recipes for cacti juice and chocolate milk:


pvpsoup.use - Permission to use the soups' "magic", default to OP
pvpsoup.reload - Permission to reload the plugin, with /pvpsoup

Default config values:

soup-heal: 7

soup-feed: 7

cacti-juice: true

chocolate-milk: true


You can download the latest version here: PvP Soup v1.2.1

Try it out

You're maybe wondering why anyone would want healing soups?
Try out PvP Soup here and find out:


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