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Add functioning stats to your items to allow players to increase their player stats. Any gear/weapons that contain the correct lore that the plugin can detect (list below) will affect the wearer/wielder. ItemLoreStats helps you create an epic RPG experience. Will add more stats/options based on requests.

This has only been tested on v1.6.4, v1.7.2 and v1.7.9 (May work on other versions but those are untested).


This is the Item Lore Stats plugin you can add to your server to get players farming/trading/looting gear to get the perfect stats for their character. It is currently v4.82 and was designed for Minecraft V1.6.4, V1.7.2 and V1.7.9. Item Lore Stats offers random and unique loot tables for all of the default mobs and custom mobs.

I will continue to support this and add many more features. If you have any suggestions please let me know through a ticket.

Installation and configuration

Place the ItemLoreStats.jar into your plugins directory. Then all you need to do is run your server.


  • /ils - Will show a list of available commands.
  • /ils version - Will show the version of Item Lore Stats that's running.
  • /ils stats - Will display the total stats of of your armour and item in your hand.
  • /ils createlore - Creates a set of gear with lore to test the plugin.
  • /ils reload - Reloads the config.yml.
  • /ils repair - Repairs the item in hand (Requires op or ils.admin).
  • /ils sell - This will sell the item in your hand for the price listed in the tooltip of the item.
  • /ils name <text> - Sets the name of the item currently in your hand. Supports all text formatting.
  • /ils setMultiplier - All of the mobs health and damage will be scaled by their distance from the location that you type this command. The health is calculated using (distance(when spawned) x multiplier) + base health = new health. The damage is calculated using (distance x multiplier) = new damage.
  • /ils lore <player_name> <line#> <text> - Adds or sets the lore line to the item currently in the players hand. If you don't include a <player_name> it will apply it to your own item in your hand. <player_name> must be online.
  • /ils give <player_name> <item_name> - This will generate a weapon from the specified file name (plugins/ItemLoreStats/SavedItems/<item_name>) and give it to the specified player (more info on the config here). The item can be given to a player with a different name with /ils give <player_name> <item_name>, <new_item_name>.
  • /ils export <item_name> - This will export the item in hand to a file (plugins/ItemLoreStats/SavedItems/<item_name>) with the specified name so that it can be imported at a later date (more info on the config here).
  • /ils upgrade hand - This will upgrade the item you're currently holding. Item requires Level Lore to upgrade.
  • /ils upgrade armour - This will upgrade the armour you're currently wearing. Items require Level Lore to upgrade.
  • /ils upgrade all - This will upgrade the item you're holding and armour you're currently wearing. Items require Level Lore to upgrade.
  • /ils combatlog - This will enable/disable the ILS combat log that is displayed in chat (You hit a Zombie for X damage.).


Click here for a description of each stat.
The text on the tooltip has to be exactly how they are below, except <VALUE> is the amount/name you wish to add. The text can contain any colour.The lore it can read as stats are;

Armour: + or -<VALUE>%
Dodge: + or -<VALUE>%
Block: + or -<VALUE>%
Crit Chance: + or -<VALUE>%
Crit Damage: + or -<VALUE>%
Health: +<VALUE>
Health Regen: + or -<VALUE>%
Life Steal: + or -<VALUE>%
Ignition: + or -<VALUE>%
Reflect: + or -<VALUE>%
Slow: + or -<VALUE>%
Poison: + or -<VALUE>%
Wither: + or -<VALUE>%
Harming: + or -<VALUE>%
Blind: + or -<VALUE>%
Speed: + or -<VALUE>%
XP Bonus: + or -<VALUE>%
PvE Dmg Modifier: + or -<VALUE>
PvP Dmg Modifier: + or -<VALUE>
Level: <VALUE>
Class: <VALUE> (Requires permission ils.use.<VALUE>)
Bound to <VALUE>
Weapon Speed: <Very Slow, Slow, Normal, Fast, Very Fast>
Right-click to cast Living Bomb
Right-click to cast Lightning
Right-click to cast Fireball
Right-click to cast Frostbolt
Right-click to cast Minor Heal
Right-click to cast Major Heal

The name of the stat can be changed within the config and if it has, then you must change that in the tooltip accordingly.


Click here for help with the config.yml


Negate these to restrict ops.

  • ils.admin
    description: Required for the /ils createlore, /ils name, /ils setMultiplier and /ils lore commands.
    default: op

  • ils.use.<Class_Name>
    description: This allows gear to be restricted to specific classes or groups that have the required permission. If an item contains the lore Class: Mage then that player would need the ils.use.Mage permission.
    default: op

These are some plugins I recommend using with Item Lore Stats;

  • BarAPI
    This will allow the players health to be displayed visually as the boss bar like shown in the video here.

  • AttributeHider
    This will remove the "+X attack damage" from swords.

Have a suggestion or need to report a bug?

Please use the ticket system if you have a suggestion or need to report a bug. This helps me find the problems/suggestions much easier and will also contain the required information I would need rather than looking through the comments.


Simple Weapon creation (Made for 1.7 so may be slightly incorrect with newer version of ILS)
Setting the name of an item (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding a blank line (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding the Damage stat (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding the Crit Chance stat (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding the Life Steal stat (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding the Movement Speed stat (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding the Soulbound stat (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding the Level stat (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding the Spell stat (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Adding Durability (more of a guide than a tutorial)
Thai Tutorial by ShakeStudioMC


Click here for the full Changelog


As of v1.759 this plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server You can disable it by setting "opt-out" to true in \plugins\PluginMetrics\config.yml.


Auto-checking for updates

As of v2.18 this plugin will check for updates using Curse's ServerMods API. It always checks the current version with the version on BukkitDev and will notify ops or any players/groups with the ils.admin permission that there is an update available. It will never automatically download an update without the user typing /ils update. All of the updates are downloaded from BukkitDev. These checks can be disabled in the config.yml by setting checkForUpdates to false.


As people have requested a donation button to help support the development of Item Lore Stats I've decided to add one. Thanks to the current and future donations I really appreciate it.

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  • Avatar of adw123 adw123 Apr 16, 2014 at 18:09 UTC - 0 likes


    Any luck replicating the durability issue I mentioned?

  • Avatar of z65703071 z65703071 Apr 16, 2014 at 16:14 UTC - 0 likes

    Please modify the durability Loss to use the multiplier to counting because some people (containing me) wish to use the unsafe enchants but that's always only one to three levels.

    In my opinion, When I set a default base value in configuration. That will work on the durable of each levels. ( level 1 =5, level 2 =5*2, level 3 =5*3 and level 4 =5*4??????) :)

  • Avatar of ferrago ferrago Apr 15, 2014 at 22:06 UTC - 0 likes

    Supa, using soul bound items, the first time a player has it in their hand it says "Item is bound to <name>" after that it always says "Item is bound to null". Also could you make it so soul bound items can't be dropped or placed in chests or used for crafting/enchanting?

    CQR|CQR BFAK:90678341,d162341bd70f9d48ee9bedc969773e3b0744d0a6da70e240520c96318ec8557b

  • Avatar of tierdal tierdal Apr 15, 2014 at 15:12 UTC - 0 likes

    @Expodium: Go

    use PhatLoots if you want to add just lores


  • Avatar of HaroldGe HaroldGe Apr 15, 2014 at 05:52 UTC - 0 likes

    @ReeferX7: Go

    `Sir Please It Could be Nice if You and Supavitax Done with it Your Great Encoders :D

    Just do it RPG and can place like chest to see the Items were they want to trade of~`

  • Avatar of Mexbotdude Mexbotdude Apr 14, 2014 at 21:09 UTC - 0 likes

    @Supavitax: Go

    I have a problem

    I made a stone sword which makes between 3-6 damage, I type /ils lore 1 Damage: +3-6 and the lore of course works, but when I hit a mob it takes only 5 damage like a normal stone sword

  • Avatar of Supavitax Supavitax Apr 14, 2014 at 19:03 UTC - 0 likes

    @adw123: Go

    Not yet no but I'll look into it and check to see if it happens for me.

  • Avatar of adw123 adw123 Apr 14, 2014 at 17:40 UTC - 0 likes


    Have you gotten any reports of durability not dropping on armor and weapons? Since the 3.72 release my items aren't losing durability for some reason. The durability bar seems to go down but when it reaches the end it just returns to full.

    If I check the item description durability isn't dropping below it's max points (100 / 100 never drops to 99 / 100, etc...)


  • Avatar of Supavitax Supavitax Apr 14, 2014 at 16:08 UTC - 0 likes

    @Expodium: Go

    There isn't at the moment but you can disable the notifications that are sent to the chat in the config.

    @ferrago: Go

    Yea it's already fixed for the next update.

  • Avatar of Expodium Expodium Apr 14, 2014 at 15:10 UTC - 0 likes

    Great plugin idea, but i am only using it for the Lore Effects, not for the damage modifers in the chat, or that you get the enchantments and effects from killing normal mobs, is there away to disable ALL the plugin does except for the Lores? (That you have to set the Lore manually and then i want to sell it via Shopkeepers with another plugin)


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