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floAuction provides a powerful chat based auction system with many options to help control "spam" and scams and many customizable features making it perfect for any server. Help support development of floAuction: Donate

Notable Features!

floAuction has too many customizable features to reasonably put on the main page here, but here's a list of notable ones.

  • Full language customization, even (with the use of WhatIsIt) item names themselves.
  • Auction house, silent auctions, sealed auctions, countdown suppression, individual opting-out of all auctioning, and many other "spam" limiting features!
  • Reserves funds (i.e. removes them from the player account), ability to disable auctioning damaged and renamed items, full item details displayed, and other abuse and scam prevention features!
  • Percent of winnings or price per auction taxes, limits on max's and min's of different auction aspects, banned items list and other economy protection features!
  • And, finally ss of the release of floAuction version 3: Auction scopes. The ability to designate world grouping and create multiple auction houses, each with distinct language and config settings.

A list of main features, complete, in progress, planned and under consideration can be found here. Specific per-version history can be found here. And GitHub here.

Important Notes and Disclaimers

  • Before commenting, read the FAQ!
  • This plugin requires Vault and WhatIsIt, make sure they're installed if you want floAuction to work.
  • floAuction uses PluginMetrics to create pretty graphs and charts on mcstats.org. All the data uploaded to their site is impersonal data, including version numbers of your server and floAuction, hardware capabilities, and ip info. If you are uncomfortable with this, go into your /plugins/PluginMetrics folder, change the "opt-out" value to "true" and restart your server.
  • floAuction version 3 uses gravitylow's Updater functionality. You can disable it in floAuction's config.yml by setting "auto-update" to "false" or disable it for all plugins using that code in the /plugins/Updater/config.yml by setting "disabled" to "true". This Updater functionality contacts Bukkit's servers to determine if an update is available and installs it so.
  • The GitHub for version 2 has moved to 2.x.x-archive as it is no longer under active development. The 2.x.x branch on GitHub is temporarily being used to develop version 3.
  • A number of technical difficulties have corrupted floAuction versions 2.10.0 through 2.10.2, do not use these versions!


Send me a message if you know of any videos I missed here and I'll see about getting them added.


  • /auction - Main auction interface, use "/auction ?" in-game for more information, permissions vary per functionality. Requires permission "auction.bid":
  • /auc - Shortcut for "/auction" (v2.6.0+)
  • /sealedauction same syntax as "/auction" but forces sealed auction. (v2.6.0+)
  • /sauc - Shortcut for "/sealedauction" (v2.6.0+)
  • /bid [bid amount] [max bid] - Bidding, all parameters optional. If [bid amount] is omitted, bid automatically becomes the current bid + minimum bid increment. In sealed auctions, [bid amount] is required and [max bid] is ignored.


  • auction.start - Allows creation of auctions.
  • auction.bid - Allows bidding on auctions.
  • auction.admin - Allows administrative functions including cancelling current auctions, suspending player's auction capability, pausing and restarting auctions. (default: op)

Setup and Configuration

This plugin requires Vault and WhatIsIt.

Click here to view a detailed list of all config options for floAuction version 2 and how to use them. As of the release of floAuction 3, floAuction 2 will no longer be supported. floAuction 3 has all the features that version 2 has, plus more!

Click here to see detailed configuration and setup details for floAuction 3. It is multiple pages, but if you take the time to go through it, you will discover that floAuction is by far the most powerful auction plugin available for Minecraft.

Development Participation

I sometimes upload development or "alpha" versions of my plugin to a folder on my own website. If you would like to participate in helping me make sure these major changes have been well tested before I make an official release here on Bukkit, feel free to visit http://www.flobi.com/projects/floAuction/files/ and download the most recent version available on that site. Read the readme file there before participating. I recommend against using any of these files for any server where you need to guarantee up-time or functionality, but only on development or test servers. If you choose to use these against this recommendation, do so at your own risk (though technically it's your own risk in any case, lol, I'm not guaranteeing anything).




Sometimes I post development stuff here: https://twitter.com/flobiKenobi

I don't always play Minecraft, but when I do, I play on:

Aerial Heights

Drop by and pay us a visit!

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  • Avatar of incredinex incredinex Jul 30, 2014 at 19:29 UTC - 0 likes

    @Butterxz: Go

    Like I told you in PM, read the FAQ.

    I am also known as flobi. Aerial Heights

    My plugins: floAuction | WhatIsIt | GoldIsMoney

  • Avatar of Butterxz Butterxz Jul 30, 2014 at 12:19 UTC - 0 likes

    It wont let my members Auction or either bid, THIS POPS UP : You do not have permissions to start an auction, and You do not have permissions to bid.. And Opt out of auction participation and announcements. THESE ARE THE PERMISSIONS I USED : - auction.start HELP!!!!!! I have Groupmanager...
    - auction.bid

  • Avatar of incredinex incredinex Jul 21, 2014 at 20:14 UTC - 0 likes

    @pookeythekid: Go

    Players must have the funds available. floAuction won't put a player in debt.

    @NathanCraftzzzz: Go

    If the items have a unique item id and data id you should be able to use WhatIsIt to add the items name.

  • Avatar of NathanCraftzzzz NathanCraftzzzz Jul 21, 2014 at 04:48 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey, I really enjoy your plugin, but I branched into a pixelmon server and wanted to know if its possible to add in modded items to the item list

  • Avatar of pookeythekid pookeythekid Jul 20, 2014 at 23:01 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey, I've had a question on my mind recently: Does floAuction allow players to be in financial debt (negative money), or does the plugin not allow them to receive their items at the end of the auction if they bid too high?


    Edit: Haha, just realized that this is the 1111th comment. Woo! xD

    Last edited Jul 21, 2014 by pookeythekid

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    Check out my server website! (Click the picture!)


  • Avatar of TheCoolGuy123_5 TheCoolGuy123_5 Jul 17, 2014 at 20:52 UTC - 0 likes

    @incredinex: Go

    Okay sorry, Sometimes I just don't read everything. Enjoy your simcity (through I hate it)

  • Avatar of incredinex incredinex Jul 15, 2014 at 04:11 UTC - 0 likes

    @samueli5750: Go

    Oh, thinking back to this comment. On huge servers, it can be a bit spammy, but there are a ton of features to limit spam. Probably the most effective of these is the auction house, making it so that people have to go to a location to participate in auctions, but read the config help. Lots of options to accommodate pretty much any server.

  • Avatar of incredinex incredinex Jul 15, 2014 at 03:43 UTC - 0 likes

    @TheCoolGuy123_5: Go

    I'd have found it much more entertaining if you'd posted the video, but this works, I guess.

    EDIT: Sorry, was distracted because I was playing SimCity. "a bit more seeable" That's clever. I have instructions to read the FAQ before asking questions as number one under the header of "Important Notes and Disclaimers" and it's in bold. In the FAQ, I actually have a question, "floAuction doesn't do anything!" That tells you these plugins are required. Also, in the FAQ, it instructs you to look at your console, where I have written a lovely condescending mocking and I think all capital letter chastising for not having WhatIsIt installed. Number 2 under "Important Notes and Disclaimers" is that these plugins are required. The first line under the section "Setup and Configuration" is LITERALLY "This plugin requires Vault and WhatIsIt." If you click on the links to the specific version setup, the first sentence of both of them is, "This plugin requires Vault and WhatIsIt." Under "Notable Features" the first entry includes a reference to WhatIsIt. Most of the videos about floAuction mention WhatIsIt being required (albeit some in a negative light), especially the ones that include how to set up the plugin.

    So tell me, should I add a huge strobe light banner above the logo that says, "VAULT AND WHATISIT ARE REQUIRED!" I already crossed the line of being obnoxious with the message on your console. I've already put it on every relevant page. It's audible in the videos, you don't even have to be able to read to know these are required. Do you have other ideas on how it can be more, "seeable?"

    Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go back to playing SimCity. Apparently I need more industrial and residential. I hope you have a good evening (or morning, or whatever time of day it is where you are).

    Last edited Jul 15, 2014 by incredinex
  • Avatar of TheCoolGuy123_5 TheCoolGuy123_5 Jul 14, 2014 at 20:50 UTC - 0 likes

    @incredinex: Go

    Oh I didn't see it required "WhatIsIt". Now it works,
    Maybe make the requirements a bit more seeable?

  • Avatar of incredinex incredinex Jul 14, 2014 at 19:18 UTC - 0 likes

    @TheCoolGuy123_5: Go

    Can you take a video of this where I can see your Minecraft window as well as the console? If you could start the video when the Minecraft server is starting up and end it after you type "/auc" that would provide the most useful information.

    @samueli5750: Go

    BarAPI only allows 64 characters. There's no way I can shrink the auction info to fit inside 64 characters reliably.


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