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Randomized rewards for voting with Votifier!
ebiggz Sep 12, 2017
Uses Votifier to give out rewards.
_ForgeUser11976234 Oct 7, 2016
A light-weight multiservice vote listener vor Votifier
_ForgeUser16207807 Mar 3, 2016
LootCrate Votifier Listener
Misc4HD Jan 26, 2016
Misc4HD Jan 25, 2016
A fun plugin that hooks into votifier to enable drop parties!
_ForgeUser7577733 Aug 17, 2015
_ForgeUser7829585 Jun 29, 2015
A vote listener plugin for Votifier
BillyGalbreath Mar 3, 2015
Shoots command when someone votes, uses Votifier
_ForgeUser7002297 Jun 24, 2014
Send test Votifier votes
_ForgeUser6865405 Feb 15, 2014
Vote shop for Votifier plugin.
_ForgeUser7963900 Feb 9, 2014
A NEW Improved Votifier - RPGVotifier
_ForgeUser8751396 Jan 31, 2014
This plugin logs user's votes and displays them.
_ForgeUser10335832 Jan 20, 2014
A votifier add-on that gives players a random item for voting.
Adondriel Sep 4, 2013
VoteCheck - Vote Reward Plugin (Votifier and
_ForgeUser7431824 Jul 28, 2013
Logs and displays top voters for votifier on your server
_ForgeUser8463203 Jul 19, 2013
A simple vote listener for Votifier with lots of features!
xpuyttre Apr 6, 2013
Simple, easy to use Votifier listener that's baded off of console commands.
_ForgeUser8848323 Mar 3, 2013
Auto execute commands when vote happened
_ForgeUser8249420 Jan 16, 2013
A Votifier listener class used to reward voters with currency that uses Vault as an interface to a variety of economy plugins.
mrfrelling Oct 16, 2012
Run powerful scripts when a player votes
dumptruckman Jul 31, 2012
VoteChecker allows players to see their vote tallies by reading in the log from Votifier
randalf_thewhite Jul 4, 2012
If you dont wanna make a votifier this is a great skript for you:)
_ForgeUser10583430 --
APOC Payday - The complete economy reward system for players!
Zilacon --
Shows who the top voters for your server are!
_ForgeUser7404307 --