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Project Owner Updated
The best chest&sign shop system for Bukkit
AcrobotPL Jun 29, 2020
A pretty simple shop plugin. No signs required. Supports DoubleChests and claim protections!
RoboMWM Dec 15, 2019
An updated SignShop that works with the new 1.14 API
Magma_44 Aug 19, 2019
Buy and sell permissions with shop signs and ingame money!
Ange6900 Oct 4, 2017
You can easy create Shops with a chest and a sign!
_ForgeUser18990794 May 23, 2015
A simple shop plugin which allows you to interact with signs & chests to make them a shop!
_ForgeUser7763818 Nov 25, 2013
Trade with players or a global shop for dynamic prices, using commands or signs. Supports all economy plugins.
theblackmage94 May 29, 2013
Complete shop system for minecraft using remote chests and signs
_ForgeUser8459491 May 21, 2013
Very simple-to-use shop system : deal materials stored in chests without commands / signs
_ForgeUser6853397 Oct 8, 2012
Create shops by placing signs!
_ForgeUser7510483 Mar 24, 2012
Automatic Sign generation for creating admin Shops with the famous ChestShop plugin.
_ForgeUser10764876 --
GE lets you buy/sell items with other players through an auction house system, instead of regular trading or chest sign shops.
_ForgeUser236346 --