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A Minecraft scripting plugin for beginners and pros. Easy to use but powerful, MineHacker gives you the best there is to offer in the JavaScript language.
superjag24 Mar 5, 2019
Announce Plugin | Free | GUI | Titles | Sounds | Header | Footer | Languages | 1.8-1.13.2
iSedatTR Feb 13, 2019
A simple and easy way to integrate language support in your plugin
XHawk87 Aug 27, 2018
A basic right to left language (like hebrew) fix that will fix chat messages
g_o_0 Feb 3, 2018
With this Plugin you can easily add EVERY Command to a Sign. Connect as many commands as you want to one Sign. Contains Language packs, create your own or use precreated ones!
feli490 Sep 9, 2017
Short command for /apply, /forums, /youtube and more! Customisable! ANY LANGUAGE.
sgtmaximuscarlos Apr 23, 2017
Get localized name of an item. 94 different languages are supported!
Lazo_Ki Aug 16, 2016
To stop people swearing and using foul language in chat.
_ForgeUser25921250 Jun 28, 2016
Language by DemoNIKman
_ForgeUser16189754 Aug 24, 2015
Automatically translates game chat between languages for free.
eddieb05 May 24, 2015
Sve is a programming language for scripting --- Minecraft interface
_ForgeUser8215951 Mar 11, 2015
Turret Language Configuration API
curse_olegsha Feb 13, 2015
Write server modications using a scripting language.
_ForgeUser10043529 Oct 2, 2014
MultiL - Multi Language support API for your plugins!
_ForgeUser8171277 Sep 18, 2014
Chat filter plugin allowing custom word group actions and messages.
_ForgeUser15881387 Jun 12, 2014
This is an API for the plugin developpers that creates language files that you can translate as you want.
_ForgeUser7009834 Jul 16, 2013
LingoRevision changes the messages to your preferred language you choose.
Elrontur Jun 17, 2013
WordSwitcher - No More Foul Language
_ForgeUser10951973 Apr 11, 2013
The made-up language chat plugin
_ForgeUser12603948 --
A fully functional chat translating plugin for almost any language
darkstar15921 --
Translate any plugin into any language
kiwhen --
Language Message Translator
frostalf --
Prevents players from using profanity (or any words put into the configuration file).
_ForgeUser10890879 --
Multilingual - Play minecraft in your native language!
_ForgeUser9538724 --
A language translation plugin for players to communicate with one another in different languages.
_ForgeUser8480452 --