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Project Owner Updated
An exploit for the TV3 lag method
condev3 May 9, 2021
A plugin that makes your server lag free.
ghastcc Apr 13, 2021
A new perfect way to clear common lagg in your server!
bob7l Feb 9, 2021
A Paper plugin that changes view distance based on server lag!
The_Atomizer3MC Oct 15, 2020
Limit travel speed to reduce server lag
Forge_User_08080506 May 31, 2020
Lag prevention made by The_Gang
the_gang3 May 30, 2020
Allow user to report server Lag
Forge_User_85290067 May 23, 2020
prevent the redstoneClock to limit the lag
Forge_User_24427155 Apr 30, 2020
LAG-FREE item generators
thechocodev Nov 17, 2019
Pinpoint hopper lag
Forge_User_21984939 Nov 2, 2019
Remove lag and improve the performance of your server significantly with this tool!
drew6017 Jul 19, 2019
Removes Lag
coconuts56 Jul 18, 2019
A simple, lightweight plugin for reducing mob lag.
froobynoobymc Jul 3, 2019
Periodically remove items, mobs, and lagg on your server
c7dev Mar 30, 2019
All-in-one Hub Solution. Reduce player lag, save space and remove some events.
Forge_User_72292994 Jul 22, 2018
A great Bounty plugin for presenters. No Lag, Turkish supported, handy Bounty plugin
xcoderx_ Apr 2, 2018
LobbySystem | Easy configuration and no lag
Forge_User_78726941 Dec 25, 2017
Lag Clear - Bugs Fix - Increase Performance - Grief Protection - Optimize ur server
_ForgeUser30275150 Oct 15, 2017
ChestGenerator makes servers less laggy when it comes to item generators.
Forge_User_52450386 Aug 14, 2017
kubecode Jun 30, 2017
Make your creative server from redstone clocks, harm full blocks and potions and lagg machines!
danichefmc Apr 1, 2017
Plugin that disables users from using buket's and spamming/throwing eggs
TypicallyABadGamer Feb 26, 2017
Test whether you are in sync with the server or whether there is latency between you and the server!
_ForgeUser29939734 Jan 7, 2017
Automatically send item drops to your inventory when broken. Popular on Prison servers to reduce lag.
TheMineShack Dec 21, 2016
_ForgeUser21373789 Nov 1, 2016