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An Automated Hunger Games plugin!
ThunderGemios10 Feb 24, 2018
The super customizable survival games experience
Markcreator Apr 17, 2017
A Survival Games Plugin
Skyfall106 Jan 1, 2017
The Cage - survival games
_ForgeUser23258235 Mar 14, 2016
Survival Games Automated
_ForgeUser11610123 Jan 22, 2015
Automated Survival Games based off of MCSG with some extra features!
Turbocharger Aug 27, 2014
Gunz - A survival games addon
_ForgeUser9488325 Mar 21, 2014
The Survival Games Anti-Cheat/Server Manager
_ForgeUser11287482 Sep 18, 2013
A survival games kit addon plugin to introduce kits!
_ForgeUser9597919 Jul 31, 2013
A feature-filled Hunger Games/Survival Games plugin
kitskub Jun 1, 2013
This Plugin's soul use is with the Official "Survival Games" Plugin.
_ForgeUser7750642 Aug 4, 2012
Automatic, light, and easy-to-use Hunger/Survival Games manager. Compatible with any map.
mkalash1 Aug 4, 2012
Easily create Survival Games Server
CrazyExplosion81 --
"Friendly or Dangerous" is a plugin mainly for Survival games, which could be used mainly for MineZ and games like that.
_ForgeUser12199110 --
SurvivalGamesvii made in Australia best plugin you'll fine of the year.2015/2016
_ForgeUser21770896 --
A fully fledged Survival Games plugin.
_ForgeUser9645074 --
Amazing survival games plugin for 1.8!
_ForgeUser18308340 --
A survival games plugin with it's own events and API to customize the entire game to your liking!
_ForgeUser11907528 --
Survival Games Plus
_ForgeUser11992816 --
SurvivalGamesKits is a plugin that gives you the experience of hosting an AUTOMATIC hunger games server
_ForgeUser9435903 --
Ultimate Survival Games
_ForgeUser9003995 --
Ultimate Survival Games
_ForgeUser7614464 --
A Plugin allowing "Zombie Survival" like Games with Various Options and Customizations to Suit Your Needs.
_ForgeUser6115111 --
Plugin to control Survival games!
_ForgeUser7522481 --
Survival Games (outdated)
_ForgeUser6965615 --