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Project Owner Updated
This is a easy to use GUI shop plugin.
gypopo2 Jul 6, 2020
The best chest&sign shop system for Bukkit
AcrobotPL Jun 29, 2020
A shop plugin that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands.
Ghost_chu Jun 27, 2020
A simple shop GUI plugin for bukkit servers.
heartofspade Jun 26, 2020
Set up custom villager shopkeepers
blablubb Jun 26, 2020
PlayerShop is simple shop plugin
CRaftHU Jun 26, 2020
The all in one Shop plugin, With a sexy GUI, Sleek code, and light weight performance!
brycettv May 16, 2020
Easily create an expandable GUI Shop
Sciirof Apr 24, 2020
Free shop/seller plugin with all minecraft items support
Amosar Apr 22, 2020
A custom shop for spawners in a GUI
darrionat Apr 9, 2020
All what you need for economy on your server. Money/Shops/Jobs/Towns
catch441 Apr 4, 2020
Commandless, Multi World, Player Owned Shops (Vault)
Devinesque Mar 29, 2020
A completely customizable GUI for shops
xp10d3 Jan 11, 2020
A pretty simple shop plugin. No signs required. Supports DoubleChests and claim protections!
RoboMWM Dec 15, 2019
EasyShops2.0 is a plugin that allows tha players to create very customizable shops easily
Nemo_64_ Sep 21, 2019
An updated SignShop that works with the new 1.14 API
Magma_44 Aug 19, 2019
This is a plugin that adds a server shop, money to evry player, bank and jobs!
gypopo2 Jul 14, 2019
A user-friendly economy plugin that adds player made shops.
PenguinOwl11 Jun 13, 2019
user-friendly shop plugin with many features and customizations
DRP96 Apr 25, 2019
A shop to buy commands, permissions
JasperB2018 Apr 13, 2019
Allows users to purchase advertisements for their shops to be run at regular intervals on a server.
Phush Dec 21, 2018
Chest UI admin shop plugin
NexAdn Sep 23, 2018
SimpleShop is a small but powerfull plugin turning boring old chests into shops.
echtefryskesukerbole Aug 16, 2018
Hat plugin, configurable shops
sploon87 Apr 27, 2018
Basic KitPvP plugin. Includes customizable shops kits, and kill-streaks.
sploon87 Apr 21, 2018