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Track PVP kills, ready for webstats with MySQL!
slipcor Sep 11, 2020
This plugin allows you to enable the pvp only at night in specific worlds! Very good for use in plots worlds!
Picono43 Sep 8, 2020
Switch between pvp or passive mode
xelatercero Sep 2, 2020
Disables Death, counts how often you would died. Great for practice PvP.
secretuser0111 Aug 15, 2020
Right click with mushroom soup to heal 4 hearths. Fully configurable.
secretuser0111 Jul 31, 2020
Mode de jeu PVP coopératif (Cooperative PVP game mode)
Rayles_ Jul 13, 2020
Lop off Player and all Mob Heads with configurable drop rates + pvp-farming nerf, includes detailed commands and permissions
viakit Jul 4, 2020
Stop Combat Log, Toggle PvP, No Kill Abuse, Newbie protection, Stop region border hopping
NoChanceSD Jul 1, 2020
A simple Cops vs Robbers PvP game
CsokiGaming Jun 21, 2020
Simple yet robust clan system for PvP servers (UPDATED TO 1.13, 1.14 & 1.15)
GhostTheWolf_ Jun 6, 2020
Delay | Block /spawn on PvP | Lobby Friendly | Customizable Messages | And Much More
tiagoclickn Mar 16, 2020
Want old pvp behavior back? This plugin disables attack cool down and offhand slot.
vzn420 Feb 29, 2020
PVP Plugin that disables essentials TP and block breaking near players. Built in party system.
tecses1 Feb 3, 2020
This plugin adds the ability, to enable and disable PVP for players
TheFruxz Jan 5, 2020
A Kit PvP Plugin that uses an exp leveling system!
eltik_streams Dec 28, 2019
PvP Stat Tracking System
Zach443 Dec 12, 2019
A Kit PvP Plugin for the minecraft server SlashedMC, And Anyone!
official61t Sep 26, 2019
Lets you pvp while holding a set item
hotprotato Sep 21, 2019
A PVP-based minigame, all about crystals!
SugarCaney Jul 22, 2019
Gather statistics for your server such as playtime, blocks broken and pvp!
Lolmewn Jul 10, 2019
Ultra-Lightweight Money and Item Reward System for PvE and PvP
jascotty2 Jun 10, 2019
Minecraft server side plugin that provides ability to track players PVP statistics and save it to CSV file
invictum182 Jun 3, 2019
This plugin brings back the old pvp system from 1.8.
EpicTigu May 25, 2019
Get epic titles in battle!
juli94esp Feb 3, 2019
The best PvP Stats plugin, simple and easy to use!
deadlinesR6 Oct 28, 2018