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Project Owner Updated
Dynamic web-based maps of your Bukkit/Spigot server
Mikeprimm Dec 23, 2023
Add-on for connecting Dynmap and SimpleClans
RoinujNosde Sep 2, 2022
KovuTheHusky Jun 23, 2022
Show WorldGuard regions on Dynmap's maps, with live update
Mikeprimm Feb 3, 2022
Display EssentialsX warp and home locations on Dynmap maps
Mikeprimm Feb 2, 2022
Material theming script for Webbukit's Dynmap plugin.
sndst00m Nov 25, 2021
Dynmap add-on for ZenaFactions plugin
racygnus Feb 17, 2021
Show Towny towns on your Dynmap!
QbDesu Nov 15, 2020
Dynmap like lightweight server map
MakerTim Feb 17, 2020
This is an add-on plugin for Dynmap that allows players to warp to markers.
cnaude Oct 13, 2019
A Dynmap add-on to display TARDIS locations.
eccentric_devotion Aug 11, 2018
Add MCDungeon markers to Dynmap
sjshipway Dec 24, 2017
Display Citizens2 NPCs on Dynmap
Mikeprimm Jun 12, 2016
Plugin for ASkyBlock and Dynmap
tastybento Apr 21, 2016
Shows Tracks/Paths on the Livemap with Dynmap
_ForgeUser8659353 Apr 10, 2016
Display Towny towns and nations on Dynmap maps, with live update
Mikeprimm Mar 17, 2016
Add real-time display of mobs to Dynmap maps
Mikeprimm Mar 14, 2016
Integrate Dynmap web chat with HeroChat v5.5+
Mikeprimm Feb 26, 2015
Show Grief Prevention claims on Dynmap maps
Mikeprimm Jan 13, 2015
Display Factions territories on Dynmap maps, with live update
Mikeprimm Dec 3, 2014
Links your PlotMe plots with your dynmap
zachboracurse Apr 27, 2014
Dynmap plugin to show PreciousStones fields
Forge_User_20105142 Mar 7, 2014
Dynmap Citizens
_ForgeUser8836073 Aug 25, 2013
Show Residence zones and subzones on Dynmap, with dynamic updates
Mikeprimm Jul 4, 2013
Display CommandBook warp and home locations on Dynmap maps
Mikeprimm Jun 23, 2013