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Check server response times!
_ForgeUser6852678 --
MyBlock automagically protects user blocks from grief (placing, breaking, interacting) with minimal lag and a full feature set.
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_ForgeUser8939854 --
Disables redstone changes at night to reduce lag.
_ForgeUser9344058 --
Tired of players commenting on lag on your server?
_ForgeUser4114102 --
SpixXxelKillLagg v0.1 - Your server has not LAG!
_ForgeUser8570825 --
On occur of heavy Memory Leak or lagg this plugin Stops the server, before the server crashes
_ForgeUser3258576 --
_ForgeUser9926412 --
A plugin that allows the invisibility of other players to reduce lag.
qwertyness --
Do /sendme for a lag test
_ForgeUser12446894 --
Detect redstone lag machines
_ForgeUser6865405 --
When a player complains about lag, and the server isn't actually lagging, will make the server seem laggy to that player.
_ForgeUser6903603 --
Modifies peoples max health based on their ping (more lag = less health)
_ForgeUser15995600 --
CraftWork - Stop lag and heal others!
_ForgeUser18045140 --
NeverLag manages your server lag with just one command, or a timer.
_ForgeUser17023375 --
NoMoLag removes entities, which clears lag, and reduces RAM usage.
_ForgeUser16668834 --
A simple plugin which keeps you up to date with your current ram usage.
_ForgeUser21854352 --
This is functional but dosent do anything other than remove some lag
_ForgeUser16998889 --
Reduce lag in your server by 78.9% (TESTED)
_ForgeUser24372541 --
Removes laggy annoying Exp Orbs from your game!
_ForgeUser7215594 Sep 17, 2011
Get rid of those laggy orbs!
_ForgeUser7534626 Nov 5, 2011
Removes XP Orbs on Player Death preventing Massive XP amounts to cause Lag.
Puremin0rez Feb 21, 2012
Remove those lag-causing entities!
TheWaterdude Apr 14, 2012
[MECH] LessMobLag - Prevents Server-Side Mob Lag By Preventing Pointless Spawns
Nicka101 Apr 23, 2012
Like ChopTree but it has less lag server and client side :P
_ForgeUser6865284 May 20, 2012