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Project Owner Updated
Simple WorldEdit Clipboard Switcher
_ForgeUser21145374 --
Restricts WorldEdit to WorldGuard regions
_ForgeUser12347463 --
Adds a Biome brush to WorldEdit
_ForgeUser7984650 --
WorldEdit is an in-game map editor for both creative and survival
twich_mods --
Un plugin similaire à la commande /repl de WorldEdit en plus intuitif
_ForgeUser9482425 Aug 31, 2012
MineMaze is a simple plugin to generate mazes with WorldEdit
_ForgeUser7766775 Nov 25, 2012
Fixes the WorldEdit crash cause BlockPhysicsEvent
_ForgeUser3541996 Dec 1, 2012
Need you block id for WorldEdit? Get this!
Zyneak Mar 23, 2013
A pretty easy-to-use in-game biome editor (requires WorldEdit to work)
Forge_User_14225217 May 5, 2013
A Safer Version Of WorldEdit
_ForgeUser9112151 Jul 31, 2013
Add the ability to set Radiation zones using WorldEdit using this simple but useful plugin.
_ForgeUser8326898 Oct 1, 2013
Additional brushes for WorldEdit
_ForgeUser7984650 Jan 8, 2014
WEprotect (WorldEdit protection)
_ForgeUser8129395 Feb 1, 2014
Visualizes your WorldEdit selection with particles.
_ForgeUser7248241 Mar 16, 2015
Allows you to worldedit only in regions you own.
boydti May 6, 2015
Adds improved brush capabilities to WorldEdit for applying schematics
Mikeprimm Jul 17, 2015
fill / clear / dispense Items or random Fireworks in Dispensers within a worldedit selection or a radius.
_ForgeUser8194327 Oct 6, 2015
_ForgeUser21498071 Apr 17, 2016
Adds per rank limit to WorldEdit
_ForgeUser29899634 Jan 5, 2017
Allow Users to use Worldedit only in World Garud regions
james137137 Jun 15, 2017
Prevent players from using //calc and //eval commands to crash the server.
chengzi Aug 12, 2017
WorldEdit tool for placing custom trees
_ForgeUser8120290 Jan 22, 2018
Auto select any structures as a WorldEdit selection
hexosse Sep 21, 2018
Creating particles was never that easy, with using worldedit.
Forge_User_44410075 Oct 8, 2018
A small WorldEdit addon which allows you to edit signs
mizzle_de Apr 29, 2020