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Clears lag on your server!
austindarttwitch May 17, 2016
Shows players their exact ping, and if set to, can kick players with a ping that is too high. Good for PVP servers.
_ForgeUser6859819 Jul 19, 2013
prevent the redstoneClock to limit the lag
Forge_User_24427155 Apr 30, 2020
Limit travel speed to reduce server lag
Forge_User_08080506 May 31, 2020
An exploit for the TV3 lag method
condev3 May 9, 2021
On occur of heavy Memory Leak or lagg this plugin Stops the server, before the server crashes
_ForgeUser3258576 --
Have you ever wanted McPvP's Lag plugin? Then this is the plugin for you!
Forge_User_77565075 Jun 29, 2014
A simple plugin, to check of your server has any lagg, and any lagg fixes
_ForgeUser13984744 Nov 19, 2014
ChestGenerator makes servers less laggy when it comes to item generators.
Forge_User_52450386 Aug 14, 2017
LAG-FREE item generators
thechocodev Nov 17, 2019
A new perfect way to clear common lagg in your server!
bob7l Feb 9, 2021
CraftWork - Stop lag and heal others!
_ForgeUser18045140 --
Removes XP Orbs on Player Death preventing Massive XP amounts to cause Lag.
Puremin0rez Feb 21, 2012
Automatically send item drops to your inventory when broken. Popular on Prison servers to reduce lag.
TheMineShack Dec 21, 2016
Like ChopTree but it has less lag server and client side :P
_ForgeUser6865284 May 20, 2012
When a player complains about lag, and the server isn't actually lagging, will make the server seem laggy to that player.
_ForgeUser6903603 --
Simple, lag-free, fake op plugin that you can use to troll your players!
_ForgeUser20506811 Jun 14, 2015
Unstick players who are glitching into the ground due to lag upon connection.
AKPWebDesign Apr 24, 2013
All-in-one Hub Solution. Reduce player lag, save space and remove some events.
Forge_User_72292994 Jul 22, 2018
Make sure the server hasn't lagged out!
_ForgeUser16313428 Oct 17, 2015
Periodically remove items, mobs, and lagg on your server
c7dev Mar 30, 2019
Tired of players commenting on lag on your server?
_ForgeUser4114102 --
Test whether you are in sync with the server or whether there is latency between you and the server!
_ForgeUser29939734 Jan 7, 2017
Check server response times!
_ForgeUser6852678 --
LagChecker For Your Server.
_ForgeUser11919320 Oct 22, 2013