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Hide Other Players To reduce Lag!
_ForgeUser10222883 Nov 30, 2013
Lag client side, this plugin will hide players and disable in and out coming chat on command...
_ForgeUser10666081 Dec 7, 2013
Clears items, that drop on player death! Reduces Lagg!
_ForgeUser10791527 Sep 3, 2015
LagChecker For Your Server.
_ForgeUser11919320 Oct 22, 2013
This plugin will allow you to test if your server has lag on it.
_ForgeUser12053565 Nov 6, 2014
Do /sendme for a lag test
_ForgeUser12446894 --
Stack mobs in a highly efficient way to decrease server and FPS lag.
_ForgeUser12479857 Sep 18, 2016
A simple plugin, to check of your server has any lagg, and any lagg fixes
_ForgeUser13984744 Nov 19, 2014
Modifies peoples max health based on their ping (more lag = less health)
_ForgeUser15995600 --
Make sure the server hasn't lagged out!
_ForgeUser16313428 Oct 17, 2015
NoMoLag removes entities, which clears lag, and reduces RAM usage.
_ForgeUser16668834 --
This is functional but dosent do anything other than remove some lag
_ForgeUser16998889 --
NeverLag manages your server lag with just one command, or a timer.
_ForgeUser17023375 --
CraftWork - Stop lag and heal others!
_ForgeUser18045140 --
Simple, lag-free, fake op plugin that you can use to troll your players!
_ForgeUser20506811 Jun 14, 2015
_ForgeUser21373789 Nov 1, 2016
A simple plugin which keeps you up to date with your current ram usage.
_ForgeUser21854352 --
Can Be Used To Notify A Player If They Are Lagging
_ForgeUser22638119 Nov 27, 2015
Reduce lag in your server by 78.9% (TESTED)
_ForgeUser24372541 --
Test whether you are in sync with the server or whether there is latency between you and the server!
_ForgeUser29939734 Jan 7, 2017
Lag Clear - Bugs Fix - Increase Performance - Grief Protection - Optimize ur server
_ForgeUser30275150 Oct 15, 2017
On occur of heavy Memory Leak or lagg this plugin Stops the server, before the server crashes
_ForgeUser3258576 --
Tired of players commenting on lag on your server?
_ForgeUser4114102 --
_ForgeUser6607250 Sep 28, 2012
Adds the /pingtest command useful for testing server lag.
_ForgeUser6831452 Jul 30, 2012