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Tool for culling zombies to reduce lag, while getting "pet" zombies with names
_ForgeUser6960228 Nov 25, 2013
A great Bounty plugin for presenters. No Lag, Turkish supported, handy Bounty plugin
xcoderx_ Apr 2, 2018
Lag-free world resets, anyone? If resetting is enabled, WR reverts you world folders from backups in a matter of seconds
_ForgeUser8560255 Jul 7, 2013
A plugin that can make massive edits to the world without lagging it.
Forge_User_93956476 Jul 30, 2014
Lag Clear - Bugs Fix - Increase Performance - Grief Protection - Optimize ur server
_ForgeUser30275150 Oct 15, 2017
Reduce lag in your server by 78.9% (TESTED)
_ForgeUser24372541 --
Lag client side, this plugin will hide players and disable in and out coming chat on command...
_ForgeUser10666081 Dec 7, 2013
Caps those laggy mob-grinders by limiting the number of mobs that can spawn in a region over time
XHawk87 May 21, 2013
This plugin will allow you to test if your server has lag on it.
_ForgeUser12053565 Nov 6, 2014
Possibly the greatest anti-lag plugin there is!
_ForgeUser6969542 Mar 26, 2014
SpixXxelKillLagg v0.1 - Your server has not LAG!
_ForgeUser8570825 --
A simple, lightweight plugin for reducing mob lag.
froobynoobymc Jul 3, 2019
Hide Other Players To reduce Lag!
_ForgeUser10222883 Nov 30, 2013
Pinpoint hopper lag
Forge_User_21984939 Nov 2, 2019
A plugin that makes your server lag free.
ghastcc Apr 13, 2021
Make your creative server from redstone clocks, harm full blocks and potions and lagg machines!
danichefmc Apr 1, 2017
Remove those lag-causing entities!
TheWaterdude Apr 14, 2012
Removes Lag
coconuts56 Jul 18, 2019
This will reduce the basic lag of any server!
_ForgeUser7268661 Jul 20, 2013
This is functional but dosent do anything other than remove some lag
_ForgeUser16998889 --
The ultimate PvP plugin, no lag and easy to use!
_ForgeUser9850067 Aug 19, 2013
Reduce or remove all server lag, Use 2x less ram as before!
Mrchasez May 28, 2015
Suppresses TNT scattering and has a chance to reduce lag
_ForgeUser7308370 Jul 9, 2012
Limit the amount of mobs by type within a certain radius to prevent server lag
_ForgeUser9049601 Jun 6, 2013
Adds the /pingtest command useful for testing server lag.
_ForgeUser6831452 Jul 30, 2012