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Project Owner Updated
Show homes/warps from AdminCmd on Dynmap maps
Mikeprimm Jun 23, 2013
_ForgeUser7258999 Apr 18, 2013
Add PreciousStones protection fields to Dynmap
Mikeprimm Feb 3, 2013
Dynmap addon for MyChunk
Forge_User_38717200 Jan 7, 2013
Dynmap addon to show SimpleSpawn locations on your dynmap
Forge_User_38717200 Dec 14, 2012
Dynmap-PlayerWarps allows to see the pWarps from PlayerWarp on Dynmap!
_ForgeUser8897035 Oct 3, 2012
_ForgeUser7086470 Sep 5, 2012
_ForgeUser6949718 Jul 19, 2012
dynmap addon for adding landmarks
_ForgeUser7605141 Apr 13, 2012
Connects dynmap's webchat with CraftIRC3
_ForgeUser7616254 Feb 23, 2012
Shows Photos on dynmap, as Panoramio on Google-Maps.
_ForgeUser8659353 --
Displays PhysicalShop's on Dynmap
_ForgeUser6886563 --
Displays UVVillagers (and other UV plugins) information in dynmap
_ForgeUser1195716 --