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Check server response times!
_ForgeUser6852678 --
Shows players their exact ping, and if set to, can kick players with a ping that is too high. Good for PVP servers.
_ForgeUser6859819 Jul 19, 2013
Like ChopTree but it has less lag server and client side :P
_ForgeUser6865284 May 20, 2012
Detect redstone lag machines
_ForgeUser6865405 --
Changes 'lag' to 'fun' when posted in chat.
_ForgeUser6901932 Jun 1, 2013
When a player complains about lag, and the server isn't actually lagging, will make the server seem laggy to that player.
_ForgeUser6903603 --
Tool for culling zombies to reduce lag, while getting "pet" zombies with names
_ForgeUser6960228 Nov 25, 2013
Possibly the greatest anti-lag plugin there is!
_ForgeUser6969542 Mar 26, 2014
Removes laggy annoying Exp Orbs from your game!
_ForgeUser7215594 Sep 17, 2011
This will reduce the basic lag of any server!
_ForgeUser7268661 Jul 20, 2013
Suppresses TNT scattering and has a chance to reduce lag
_ForgeUser7308370 Jul 9, 2012
Anti Drop does not allow anyone to drop items.
_ForgeUser7451390 Oct 9, 2013
Get rid of those laggy orbs!
_ForgeUser7534626 Nov 5, 2011
Limit Pointless Mob Spawns + Reduce Lag!
_ForgeUser7682724 Feb 24, 2014
LagEssentials is a plugin to help reduce server lag.
_ForgeUser8017141 Jan 14, 2013
Lag-free world resets, anyone? If resetting is enabled, WR reverts you world folders from backups in a matter of seconds
_ForgeUser8560255 Jul 7, 2013
SpixXxelKillLagg v0.1 - Your server has not LAG!
_ForgeUser8570825 --
_ForgeUser8939854 --
Limit the amount of mobs by type within a certain radius to prevent server lag
_ForgeUser9049601 Jun 6, 2013
Checks Lag and issues a warning to OP's when resuorces are low
_ForgeUser9224633 May 11, 2014
Disables redstone changes at night to reduce lag.
_ForgeUser9344058 --
MyBlock automagically protects user blocks from grief (placing, breaking, interacting) with minimal lag and a full feature set.
_ForgeUser9727370 --
[] Lag Decreaser []
_ForgeUser9847416 Jul 25, 2013
The ultimate PvP plugin, no lag and easy to use!
_ForgeUser9850067 Aug 19, 2013
_ForgeUser9926412 --