zPetProtect is a simple, straightforward response to this plugin request. It makes tamed wolves immune from any player damage coming from a player other than their owner.

Specifically, it blocks damage from the following sources:

  • Projectiles
  • Fire (in case they attempt to grief past this protection by putting a fire down)
  • Fire ticks (same as above)
  • Block explosions (placing TNT, again, to try and grief your puppy)
  • Entity Attacks of all types coming from players (not other entities)


  1. Cats & other tamable creatures options
  2. "PvP" support that makes the pet wolves damageable if that wolf has damaged you (so wolves aren't invincible in PvP).
  3. Permissions Support
  4. Message configuration [config file]
  5. Message display toggling [config file]
  6. Damage source control
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I am seeking beginner-intermediate plugin projects as I am no good at coming up with ideas on my own. Hit me up!


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