Vault Support

Vault Support

zPermissions more or less implements 100% of the Vault APIs for both permissions and chat. Currently, zPermissions support is built-in to Vault.

Vault Permissions API Notes

  • Permissions support was added at around Vault 1.2.13.
  • All API methods are supported.
  • All player-related methods should work on offline players.
  • Due to restrictions I've placed on the zPermissions API, all Vault API methods that modify permissions or membership will execute equivalent commands as console.
  • zPermissions groups are universal — they apply to all worlds. Therefore, the world argument to playerAddGroup() and playerRemoveGroup() is ignored.
  • zPermissions has no real concept of a "primary group." By default, the primary group of a player is the highest-weight group assigned to that player, i.e. the first group returned when doing a /permissions player ... groups or /permissions mygroups command.

Starting with Vault 1.2.26, the primary group can also be controlled by using a metadata property on a player.

For example:

/permissions player Alice metadata set Vault.primary-group.track Admin

Or alternatively:

/permissions player Alice settrack Admin

Assuming Alice has been previously promoted on the Admin track, her primary group will be the highest-ranked group from that track regardless of assignment priorities.

If Alice is not on the Admin track then the behavior returns to the default, i.e. the highest-weight assigned group.

Vault Chat API Notes

  • Chat support was added in Vault 1.2.25.
  • The primary group is determined as explained above.
  • All Vault API "player info" and "group info" methods are supported. They map directly to zPermissions metadata properties.
  • All Vault API methods that set prefix/suffix/infos will execute an equivalent command as console.
  • Prefixes and suffixes are set by the prefix and suffix (string) metadata properties on both players and groups.


/permissions group VIP md set prefix [VIP]
/permissions player Bob metadata set prefix &f
/permissions group Mod prefix "[Mod: "
/permissions group Mod suffix ]