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Assigned to _ForgeUser1494830
  • _ForgeUser9941136 created this issue Sep 1, 2013

    So I gave my mods the promote and demote permission and there is a major issue.

    Say I have this track


    A mod can promote them selves and others to admin and can demote admins.
    If a dev build can be made with a fix that would be great. I was going to re-launch
    my server tomorrow until i found this bug.

  • _ForgeUser9941136 added the tags New Defect Sep 1, 2013
  • rmb938 posted a comment Sep 1, 2013

    and I posted this on my servers curse account. Opps lol.

    Also mods can demote them selves, other mods as well as admins.

    Edited Sep 1, 2013
  • _ForgeUser1494830 posted a comment Sep 2, 2013

    Working as intended, actually. :P

    But for now, for your use, you can just set up different tracks.

    Track for mods will just have: member

    Track for admins will have: member, mod

    And presumably, the track for owner will have: member, mod, admin

    Grant each group permission to promote/demote only their single track.

    A version or two back, I changed the rank commands so the default track will be determined from permissions, if possible. That way everyone can simply use the promote/demote/etc. commands without specifying a track.

    It's hackish and there are minor problems - like if a mod tries to promote themselves, they'll be added to the member group as well. But this shouldn't affect things since presumably the mod group inherits from member.

    I'll leave this issue open in case I get any ideas (or someone suggests one) on how to solve this a cleaner way. The fact that you can promote players along multiple tracks might make things a bit tricky and is the reason why I went with simple linear tracks.

  • rmb938 posted a comment Sep 2, 2013

    @ZerothAngel: Go

    ah ok. Well at least there is a semi-fix. Thanks :)

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