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  • rylinaux created this issue Jun 16, 2013

    I think this feature would be well suited for the many, many servers that have multiple servers or server networks.

    Basically, it would be ideal to share the users across MySQL (so have the users read via MySQL) and let each server have it's own set of permissions (so the groups node would be stored in a file on each server).

    I feel that this would be an amazing feature, and many server networks would make use of it.


  • rylinaux added the tags New Enhancment Jun 16, 2013
  • _ForgeUser1494830 posted a comment Jun 16, 2013

    Interesting idea, and it's definitely one of the cleaner ways of doing multi-server permissions.

    And it can be further generalized by allowing admins to specify flat-file or SQL for user data and group data independently of one another.

    However, it does open up the possibility of users being in groups that don't exist on that particular server. But I don't think that should cause much of a problem (just ignore the missing groups).

    A competing idea (for multi-server permissions) is to allow setting server-specific permissions (similar to world-specific permissions). But independent storage is probably easier to set up for admins and probably won't require a schema change.

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion! "Official" multi-server support is definitely a long-term feature (especially since I did not create zPerms with multi-server in mind!) But this idea would probably be far easier to implement than the server-specific permissions one...

  • rylinaux posted a comment Jun 16, 2013

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Sent you a PM.

  • _ForgeUser8132885 posted a comment Jun 17, 2013

    I would much love this feature! Would suit my purposes and the way I like to handle stuff really really well. Pretty please with sugar on top and caramel cream on the inside :)

  • rylinaux posted a comment Jul 1, 2013

    Has there been anymore thought put into this? I don't want to seem pushy, but it would obviously be a useful feature for the every increasing server network population.

  • _ForgeUser1494830 posted a comment Jul 1, 2013

    There has been more thought, but this is really not something I have time to work on right now. Especially given the magnitude of the changes.

    I've got a full time job that, surprise surprise, involves a lot of coding. And writing Bukkit plugins (for free!) is something I do in my spare time. As much as I enjoy it, I don't want coding to consume the majority of my days.

    I'll get to it when I get to it.

  • _ForgeUser8118523 posted a comment Jul 22, 2013

    Using this plugin for my Multi-server setup, I think this option would be very useful! You beat me to it on the idea of having server-specific permissions :P I think the flatfile storage for groups would allow for a much nicer-looking setup.

    Edited Jul 22, 2013
  • _ForgeUser8118523 posted a comment Jul 23, 2013

    (Replied to your PM ryan) A workaround I currently use is for each server to have different world names. Then I simply set per-world permissions. This isn't ideal of course, as I have to set the same permissions multiple times for each server world, but works.

  • _ForgeUser9883694 posted a comment Sep 22, 2013

    Would still be nice to have this implemented. This, and the versioning system for DBs, would result in an *almost* proper multiserver setup.

  • _ForgeUser9716896 posted a comment Dec 15, 2013

    This would be a great addition to a realy good perm system I have thought about using the permissions.yml of bukkit for the per server perms and giving zpermissions server.<group> permissions (if you follow) and doing all my server permissions on the permissions.yml but the ability to reload the permissions.yml on the fly hampers it a bit

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