No permissions #196

  • tacticaldiaperchange created this issue Jul 8, 2017

    Up until last week, my zpermissions was working.

    All my staff had permissions ranging from a few to everything dependent on their rank.


    Changes from last week, to now:

    I added the plugin Nocheatplus

    Today, i updated the zpermissions plugin.


    I am unsure if one of these things I did is the culprit.


    What I am getting is that unless op'd all of my staff do not have permissions for certain things. They are able to change their game type, teleport, edit the wild (build and destroy).

    What seems to not be working is world edit, permissions commands, and other op related commands.

    What could be causing this?

  • tacticaldiaperchange posted a comment Jul 12, 2017

    So here's an update:


    The staff having problem with permissions are the ones that are given permissions via zpermissions.*

    It seems this isn't working. The permissions that were working for them are  permissions they got via a parent rank.


    What could be causing this issue?

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