MySQL not syncing with other servers. #188

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Assigned to _ForgeUser1494830
  • _ForgeUser10279847 created this issue Dec 6, 2015

    Hello, so I recently tried to set up zperms with MySQL using the bukkit.yml file. I have it on two servers. On the original one I set up all the groups on it works fine, but on the other server it says there are no groups. Yes, I did put the MySQL details in both servers, but it doesn't sync. Please help.

    The only thing close to an error I get:
    06.12 19:36:20 [Server] ERROR Could not pass event ServiceRegisterEvent to zPermissions v1.3-SNAPSHOT

    And the MySQL details:
      username: udb_299
      isolation: SERIALIZABLE
      driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
      password: (password removed for obvious reasons)
      url: jdbc:mysql://

  • _ForgeUser10279847 added the tags New Other Dec 6, 2015

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