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  • _ForgeUser13925453 created this issue Jan 20, 2015

    Hello, I am having a problem with the users and worldedit after voting. I had a user vote on the hub, connect to my creative where he gets the worldedit.. Works fine on his plot until he joined another server then joined back and then it no longer worked and said he had no permissions. Is it due to it doesn't save what the users get?

    Here is my GAListener voting for creative:
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.wand'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.clipboard.cut'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.history.undo'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.biome.list'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.clipboard.paste'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.clipboard.copy'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.clipboard.flip'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.clipboard.rotate'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.region.walls'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.region.replace'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.region.set'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.selection.pos'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.selection.hpos'
        - '/permissions player {username} settemp -t 86400 worldedit.selection.expand'

    They should get worldedit for 24hours, But if they leave to go to another server it does not stay.. please help!

  • _ForgeUser13925453 added the tags New Defect Jan 20, 2015
  • Moregamesforus posted a comment Apr 8, 2017

    On the commands page, it says this

    • /permissions player <player> settemp [-t <timeout>] <permission> [value] — Set a temporary permission for timeout seconds. See config.yml for default timeout. permission must be an unqualified permission node — no world or region qualifiers.

    Pretty sure that means it can't have effect on the world?


    Also, it could be that in your zpermissions config, the auto save option is maybe on a limited time, so you could set it to -1

    Edited Apr 8, 2017

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