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Assigned to _ForgeUser1494830
  • _ForgeUser6965436 created this issue May 9, 2014

    What is the issue?

    Ok, so recently switched from bPermissions to zPermissions due to the impending UUID changes taking place. For the most part everything has been smooth, with few hiccups and everything is good for the users. The problem comes from the mods. We give them ps.bypass.* (ps shortened purposely), yet it will not work no matter what I try.

    permissions player bluechops has preciousstones.bypass.protection
    : true
    permissions player bluechops has preciousstones.bypass.destroy
    : true

    This checks bukkitperms and determines if the player has that node or not.
    I can also perm group mod show, and see they're all set to true, but no matter what, they're unable to modify stones, or remove them. I wasnt sure if this was a PS/Vault/zPerm compatibility problem or what, and was hoping for some assistance.

    Thanks in advance.

  • _ForgeUser6965436 added the tags New Other May 9, 2014
  • _ForgeUser1494830 posted a comment May 9, 2014

    The perm player .. has command is pretty definitive. It reports exactly what Bukkit sees.

    Digging into PreciousStone's PermissionManager, I see there's some special check for any permission containing "preciousstones.bypass". It appears you can enable/disable bypass on a per-player basis?

    Assuming it gets past that point, it then goes through Vault. And as far as zPerms is concerned, as long as that player is online, it tests the permission exactly in the same way as the perm player .. has command.

    So I would look at whatever this per-player bypass enable/disable thing is (I'm not familiar at all with PreciousStones). Otherwise, I don't know at this point.

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