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  • _ForgeUser6965436 created this issue May 7, 2014

    What is the issue?
    Migrating from bpermissions to zpermissions and wanting to make sure I can continue to do things similar to as i did before.

    Please provide any additional information below.

    So, I have 5 donor groups, 20 member groups, mod, trial, trusted etc.

    Generally speaking, I would only assign a person to 1 group, unless they had something special like WE access which case I would addgroup so they were member of two.

    I did my inheritances like this
    permissions group mod setparents trial
    permisions group trial setparents trusted
    permissions group trusted setparents donor5
    permissions group donor5 setparents donor4
    permissions group donor4 setparents donor3
    permissions group donor3 setparents donor2
    permissions group donor2 setparents donor1
    permissions group donor1 setparents group15
    permissions group group15 setparents group14
    permissions group group14 setparents group13
    permissions group group13 setparents group12
    permissions group group12 setparents group11
    permissions group group11 setparents group10
    permissions group group10 setparents group9
    permissions group group9 setparents group8
    permissions group group8 setparents group7
    permissions group group7 setparents group6
    permissions group group6 setparents group5
    permissions group group5 setparents group4
    permissions group group4 setparents group3
    permissions group group3 setparents group2
    permissions group group2 setparents group1
    permissions group group1 setparents default

    Is this correct?

    My other question regarding player prefixes, how can I make it have more priority than the group prefix?
    for example
    permissions group group15 prefix &4[M14]&f
    permissions player me setgroup group15
    permissions player me prefix &4

    I would still be outputting the group15 prefix.


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  • _ForgeUser1494830 posted a comment May 7, 2014

    Your group structure looks correct, assuming you want to have group1 as the bottom and mod as the top rank. I'm assuming you'll also set up a track that goes from group1 to mod and then just /promote & /demote along that track.

    As for the prefix priority, assuming you're using a Vault-based chat plugin (which is probably every chat plugin except EssentialsChat), I believe you can get what you want by setting these options in config.yml (they can be found near the bottom):

    vault-player-prefix-format: '%g'
    vault-player-suffix-format: '%g'

    But this basically makes it so the group prefix always overrides player prefixes. So I'm not sure why you would ever set a player-specific prefix in such a setup.

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  • _ForgeUser6965436 posted a comment May 7, 2014

    @ZerothAngel: Go

    Donors can get a custom prefix, where normal players can not. We currently use Herochat (non-uuid support, so probably switching to cloudchat)

    We also use autorank to automatically rank people after xx amount of time and other conditionals. When using with bpermissions, if I set someone manually to a donor rank (not within autoranks groups to update), they would stay where I put them. Using zPerm, I do the same thing, yet it changes thier group based on time to the next tier in normal non-donator ranks. Hoping this makes sense, terrible at explaining things.. There is probably better ways to do what I've been doing, but its worked great for so long I havent had a need to change.

    Another question in regards to using permissions.yml (which im trying to take advantage of and never used till now).

    Lets pretend I have

        description: Essentials Commands for Trials
            bm.ban: true
            bm.banoffline: true
            bm.bminfo: true
            bm.mute: true
            bm.notify.ban: true

    I assign trial.essentials to the trial group. If mod and vet inherited this group, would they get those permissions without having to set that node on their group as well?

    permissions group trial set trial.essentials

    permissions group mod setparents trial

    would mod work with those nodes?

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  • _ForgeUser6965436 posted a comment May 7, 2014

    I dont currently have any tracks, but wondering if I created group track and donor track if this would fix autorank changing donors back to non-members.. This wasnt a problem with bPerms though..

  • _ForgeUser1494830 posted a comment May 7, 2014

    I don't think the permissions model between zPermissions and bPermissions are all that alike. I never even bothered writing a converter since they're so different. If you've come here expecting bPermissions but with database support, you're going to be disappointed. :P

    As to your permissions.yml question, yes, mods will also inherit the trials.essentials perm, meaning they inherit all children of that perm as well. (Although it should be noted that it is Bukkit, not zPerms, that does the final expansion from trials.essentials to all its children. So zPerms doesn't actually "know" about the child permissions.)

    When in doubt, there's actually a whole mess of commands to dump/compare/inspect permissions, from what zPerms "thinks" they should be to what Bukkit is actually seeing.

    /perm player <player> dump
    /perm player <player> diff ...
    /perm group <group> dump
    /perm group <group> diff ...
    /perm player <player> has <perm>
    /perm inspect <player>
    /perm diff ...

    If you play around with them, it should give you an idea of how the permissions model behaves.

  • _ForgeUser6965436 posted a comment May 7, 2014

    @ZerothAngel: Go

    Ok, thanks. I didnt expect an easy conversion and did anticipate some challenges. Just trying to figure out how to work past them.


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