Java 7 Switchover #130

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  • _ForgeUser1494830 created this issue Apr 7, 2014

    Java 6 is long dead.

    I originally targeted Java 6 since that was the max Java version that my Jenkins server supported. However, I've been coding in Java 7 at work and for other personal projects for some years now. (And in fact, I've already switched to 8 for some personal projects...)

    I think it's time to switch. (And I will have to re-host my Jenkins site elsewhere, but that's my problem to solve...)

    The switchover may occur as early as the 1.3 release (e.g. the UUID release). Though I may delay it til after since it seems saner to let everyone deal with only one major change.

    Any inputs, objections?

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  • _ForgeUser1494830 posted a comment Jun 9, 2014

    Jenkins moved, now running Java 8.

    Java 7 end of life is some time next year.

    Will probably switch all private plugins to Java 8.

    Public ones (including zPermissions) will switch over to 7 ASAP.

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