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  • _ForgeUser7180937 created this issue Feb 8, 2014

    I posted this before as a comment but it might have been overlooked so im posting it as a ticket:

    Back when i was still using PermissionsEX i had coded a plugin that listed all of the groups a player had and the player could simply type /rank NAMEOFGROUP and he would get that groups prefix as a player prefix. ofcourse they would only be possible to switch to prefixes of groups they already owned. For example on our server people had a donation rank and a creative rank, some prefered to have the donation prefix infront of their name and some prefered to have the creative prefix infront of their name. Ofcourse this would only work on a server, that adds player prefix tag infront of the usernames but isn't really a big difference from a group prefix tag.

    Now i could go and rewrite my plugin but i thought this would be also a very handy feature for zPermissions

    the command could be sth like /perm switchprefix GROUP


    I noticed in the changelogs that you have the /perm prefix/suffix command for self service. What you could do is add an optional argument to that command that takes the prefix from a group the players own. The command could look like this /perm prefix -G GROUPNAME or /perm gprefix GROUP

    Also i have seen other tickets and request of solving the problem of multiple groups and i think this would be a good solution in the meantime because people can change their prefix whenever they want to.

    Hope you consider adding this feature and thanks in advance


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  • _ForgeUser7180937 posted a comment Feb 12, 2014

    Ok i have rewritten the plugin this time with the Vault API so it should work for every permissions system.

    For everyone who is interested in it here is a link for you.



    /rank lists your owned ranks

    /rank <GROUPNAME> gives you the groups prefix

    permissions: rank.rank


    Edited Feb 12, 2014

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