Allow /perm import on non-empty database #108

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  • _ForgeUser8721736 created this issue Jan 19, 2014

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    Consider a hypothetical situation where permissions nodes need to changed en-masse.
    It would be possible to type a whole bunch of commands in a file, then import them using '/perm import'
    For example, I can use this 'dump' file to add a Mod+ rank, and change Mod, Admin and Lead-Admin simultaneously!

  • _ForgeUser8721736 added the tags New Enhancment Jan 19, 2014
  • _ForgeUser1494830 posted a comment Jan 19, 2014

    /perm import is just a convenient way of copying & pasting to the console.

    I'd rather /perm import always start from a known state - that is, an empty database.

    For incremental imports, such as what you're doing, I think it's probably better to just copy & paste. The only major difference between copy & paste and /perm import is that /perm import will halt on any errors. That means you have to get your database back to a known state before re-importing. With /perm import, that's easy - you /perm purge. If you're doing an incremental import, it's not so trivial.

    (Whereas if you're copying & pasting, you simply just fix the error and paste again. zPerm commands are generally idempotent and do no real harm when run twice.)

    I wish /perm import would actually execute all the commands in a single database transaction, but that has many technical hurdles. If it actually did that, then I think I could justify adding an incremental import feature.

  • _ForgeUser8721736 posted a comment Jan 22, 2014

    I understand, it can be a bit complicated to create something that executes permission commands in a sequence, a shell script capable of doing that would be much better ofcourse.

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