Sorry for not updating for a while. I'm glad you people have enjoyed the plugin, and I'm sure you all want an update, Right? Well, Stay updated and I will be sure to update ZombZ Shortly!

Hello everyone. Zombz Is a Zombie modification plugin, and it modifies many Aspects of Zombies in the game. Zombz is a very new project, and it is actually my first plugin. Zombz is more of a smaller and more simple version of a bigger project that i am working on. But even though it is smaller, and simpler, that does not mean there wont be many features Included with Zombz, and that doesn't mean it is not gonna be a fantastic plugin. There is no Commands For now, Options are edited through the config.

The possibilities are almost endless when using Zombz. It is a great thing to add to any server, and With Multiworld Support, you don't have to run it on worlds you don't want to, And you can just run it on a Special Zombz World. Here are some of the current Features, and upcoming features:

Here is a Great Tutorial Video on Zombz By: luigi_vampa


Zombz Information


  • Zombie Damage Modification
  • Zombies Will not burn during day.
  • Zombie will spawn on player death
  • On Zombie Damage The player is blinded for an amount of time
  • Blindness duration can be set in config
  • Zombies can now spawn in groups, and the numbers can be configured in the config
  • Zombies can also spawn in random numbers in the group
  • There's now a readme file
  • Zombie Spawns with players inventory upon death.
  • MultiWorld Setup
  • Only Zombies Mode
  • Customizable Exp Drop on Zombie Death
  • Many more to come!

Features being worked on:

  • In game commands to set stuff
  • Configurable Item Drop
  • Permissions For specific things
  • More customization of "Only Zombies Mode"
  • More customization of Potions upon zombie hit
  • Custom Zombies?

About "Only Zombies" Mode

Only Zombies Mode is What the name says it is. Any mob other than a zombie that spawns will become a zombie. This includes all mobs, and also mobs in the nether and end too. In upcoming versions, you will be able to define which mobs you want to be replaced, but as of now Only Zombies mode will Make any mob spawn other than Zombie become a zombie. This is great for Hardcore Zombie servers, but can sometimes get in the way. Stay updated, and in upcoming versions, Only Zombies mode WILL be more customizable.

Config Updating

There is an option to update the config automatically. If it is set to true, then whenever there is a new update, the config will be automatically updated to the latest version. This will overwrite any of your old config settings. You can always disable this setting, as it is just optional, and for ease of use.

Java 6 Version

From now until whenever, there will be a Java 6 version of The plugin Alongside the other version. The java 6 version will be labeled, and if you look in the Files section you should be able to see it there.



So please stay updated because there will be many updates coming, in the near future. If there are any bugs please tell me so i can try to fix them.

Have Fun!


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