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That page was the Main page for version v1.6.5pre to v1.2.0 for the new Version visit the new page.

If you are searching a plugin that let you fight in rounds with several waves against Zombies, then you have found one. ZombieVsPlayer is a plugin that spawns Zombies. You must survive three waves per round. The number of Rounds is given by the start command. With every Wave ZvP spawns more Zombies. So it will be more difficult to fight against this horde. If you are good in killing Zombies you can Sell selected items. With this Money you can buy new items like swords or armor. Lists of items that you can sell or buy are below the Permissions part. In the below lines i used the ZombieVsPlayer shortcut ZvP.

ZvP makes use from the MCStats project which sends some stats to their network. You can disable it in the config file if you want.

ZvP stats


Different Languages

ZvP can manage all kinds of languages.

Look here for an detailed Language Setup.
Thanks to Gloupmer for the french translation.


ZvP use signs for several things.

The first line must be [zvp]
The second line can be used as Name of the item.
The third line must be clear.
And last but not least. The fourth line is the leading line. It says which item is included.

The Items are listed here.

Zvp also use signs as an optional start and join option.

First line: [ZvP]
Second line: zvp start
Third line: must be clear
Fourth line: number of rounds

First line: [ZvP]
Third line: zvp join

/zvpstart [number of rounds]Start a new zvp gamezvp.start
/zvpstopStops a running gamezvp.stop
/zvpjoinjoin a running gamezvp.join
/zvpleaveleave a running gamezvp.join
/zvpsellSell the item that you holdzvp.sell
/zvp addkit [name]Add a starterkit and select itzvp.addkit
/zvp setlang [language-tag]Change the current language Ingamezvp.admin.set.language
/zvp setspawnSet the teleport position, which is used by the join-commandzvp.admin.set.spawn
/zvp setspecspawnSet the position for spectatorszvp.admin.set.spectatorspawn

Buy and Sell system

Of course it's easier to fight against zombies with weapons. That's why ZvP includes his own economy system.
You can buy armor, weapons or other useful stuff. I decided to use Dollar as my default currency. Whyever.
But where you get the money? You have two options:

  • for every kill you earn an appointed price. The default one is 0.2$
  • you can sell items from your inventory

To sell something you only have to select an item in your inventoy bar and use the /zvpsell command.
But be carefull. Only 5 Items are currently supported. The list of supported Items is below.

Okay now you have got enough money to purchase some weapons.
For purchasing click with your right mouse button on a special ZvP sign. It looks like this:
ZvP sign example
Look at the Config part if you want to know how they work!


  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Iron ingots
  • Arrows
  • 64 piece of Rotten flesh
  • Weapons:
    • wooden sword
    • stone sword
    • iron sword
    • stone axe
    • bow
    • arrows 64 and 32
  • Armor:
    • leather armor
    • iron armor
  • Misc:
    • brewing stand
  • Potions:
    • Potion of Regeneration
    • Potion of Healing
    • Potion of Strength
    • Potion of Speed

If you want more items for sell or purchase, contact me thru the comments or the ticket-system.

Tutorial video

Embed Removed:

made by ANDREJJGaming

ZvP is free software. Look at the code.


  • Start per sign or button
  • join per sign
  • translate the buy-system and explain it here
  • make a video on youtube
  • recode the item remove system
  • add spectator mode
  • add configurable staterkits
  • add command to add starterkits Ingame
  • add Scoreboard support
  • set friendlyfire to false in zvp team
  • add zvpleave command
  • implement that lobby thing
  • use the McStat project for plugin statistics
  • enable update functions
  • make time configurable
  • make zombie spawn configurable
  • add more Items
  • add Items with entchantment etc.
  • add potions
  • upload language files
  • create a release candidate


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