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About this Plugin

ZombieVsPlayer is a round based Mini game in which you can fight against zombies. Alone or with friends, all is possible! ZvP is equipped with a lot of different features, such as an Item Shop, an appealing Scoreboard and the high adaptability independently for each single arena. You can also run more than one game simultaneously.

ZvP makes use from the MCStats project which sends some stats to their network. You can disable it in the config file if you want.

ZvP stats


Options in the Main config File.

Options in the Arena config files.

Kit Configuration

The Kit system provides two standard kits but you can also add your own. Starter kits can be chosen individually on game start.

6 little steps to add your own Kit:

  1. Clear your Inventory or at least make some space for your kit.
  2. Put your kit together, enchant it, improve it how you like.
  3. Add an item, that represents, your kit to your inventory. It will be used as an icon.
  4. Type /zvp addkit [Name of your kit here] in your chat window.
  5. Put your kit in the appearing inventory and close it.
  6. Put the icon item in next Inventory and close it.

How to remove kits:

  1. Type /zvp list kits in your chat window to list all kits.
  2. Type /zvp removekit [kitname] in your chat window.

Notice that you can only remove custom kits!

Shop Configuration

ZvP provides a default set of items which can be fully modified.

The shop configuration is structured into two parts:

Sign Configuration

ZvP use signs for several things.

  1. Join a game Interact Sign
  2. Display information about arenas Info Sign
  3. Shop interaction Shop Sign

Language Configuration

ZvP can manage all kinds of languages.

Look here for an detailed Language Setup.

Currently available language files included in the language Pack are:

  • English
  • German

If you want your language in the plugin, translate it
and send the file per e-mail to: [email protected]
You will be listed here as a Translator.

Arena/Lobby Setup

How to setup Arenas:

With the Arena-tool:
  1. Type /zvp add arena in your chat window.
  2. Go to your arena.
  3. Left- and Rightclick a position. These two positions are the corner points. These will establish an rectangle sized arena.
  4. Customize the arena by editing the arena configuration.
With commands:
  1. Go to one corner in your arena.
  2. Type /zvp pos1 in your chat window.
  3. Go to the opposite corner.
  4. Type /zvp pos2 in your chat window.
  5. Customize the arena by editing the arena configuration.

How to setup Lobbys:

One Lobby can hold (theoretical)infinite Arenas. A Lobby can be a Room or a platform or anything else.

  1. Go to the Place your lobby would fit.
  2. Type /zvp add lobby in your chat window.


/zvpDisplay all
/zvp statusDisplay the arena statuszvp.status
/zvp listDisplay zvp itemszvp.status
/zvp rlReload ZvPzvp.reload
/zvp addkit [kitname]Add [kitname] to the kitszvp.manage.kit
/zvp removekit [kitname]Remove [kitname] from the kitszvp.manage.kit
/zvp add arenaGet the tool to add Arenaszvp.manage.arena
/zvp pos1Adds an Arena but positions are pos1, pos2zvp.manage.arena
/zvp pos2Adds an Arena but positions are pos1, pos2zvp.manage.arena
/zvp remove arena [Arena-ID]Remove Arena [Arena-ID]zvp.manage.arena
/zvp add lobbyAdd lobby at your Locationzvp.manage.lobby
/zvp remove lobby [Lobby-ID]Remove Lobby [Lobby-ID]zvp.manage.lobby
/zvp leaveLeave a running
/zvp stopStop all Arenaszvp.stop.all
/zvp stop [Arena-ID]Stop arena [Arena-ID]zvp.stop
-Play the
-Manage all sign related thingszvp.manage.sign


Github: Source Code
McStats: Plugin statistics Unapproved releases: Github releases

Other Projects:



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