This is the config file used in ZvP to store all items for the in game Shop.

id: The id describes the item material. A list of all items can be found here.
amount: The amount of the item (Should be 1!)
data: Used by potions
category: The shop category can be FOOD, MISC, ARMOUR, WEAPON, POTION
price: The price of the item
ench: {} A list of enchantments in form of (ench: {ENCHANTMENT:LEVEL}).
A list of enchantments can be found here.

- 'id: APPLE, amount: 1, data: 0, category: FOOD, price: 2.0, ench: {}'
- 'id: IRON_CHESTPLATE, amount: 1, data: 0, category: ARMOUR, price: 8.5, ench: {PROTECTION_ENVIRONMENTAL:2, PROTECTION_FIRE:1}'


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