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Survive endless waves of zombie attacks!
Based on the COD gamemode Nazi-Zombies
Official Website: www.bjornke.com


Now you can play Call Of Duty® style Nazi Zombies in Minecraft! Includes all of the familiar features of the gamemode and more! These zombies can sniff you out from over a mile away and run faster (or slower) then you with our custom AI! Barricades, doors, mystery boxes, wolf waves, and more! Play with your friends or by yourself, it's easy to setup and easy to use!


  • Multiple Games Per World (as many different games as you like in a single world file)
  • Multi-World Support (Can have games in any world/nether)
  • Custom Zombie AI (Zombies have infinite find/aggro radius, limited only by how many chunks loaded)
    • Runner Zombies (Faster than normal)
  • Zombie Spawns (set by using operator, spawns are enabled when wave number is reached)
  • Zombie Difficulty Multiplier ( defined in config, controls how much health zombies get per wave)
  • Zombie Damage Multiplier (defined in config, controls how much damage zombies deal per wave)
  • Revive (A sign will appear where a dead comrade has fallen! Break the sign to revive him! You have 30 seconds)
  • Random Skelly Waves (can be configured or disabled in config. Default 1/5 chance)
  • Perks (Godmode, Instant Kill, and Fire. All last for 60 seconds)
  • Random BITE Effect (Random potions applied to player on zombie attack, chance defined in config)
  • Stat/Join Signs (Signs that can display player count / zombie count and if RIGHT clicked, allow player to join via sign click)
  • Purchase Door Signs (can buy doors with points/economy t open)
  • Death Waiting Lobbies (players go here once dead if spectating is turned off)
  • Custom Limits (min/max players, max zombies at one time, max waves, allowed break/place of specific blocks during game)
  • Inventory Save (Inventory is saved and replaced after a game)
  • Automatically Start Game (When enough players have joined the game with /join command, start-player-count definable in config)
  • Doors (set by operator, doors open once wave number is reached)
  • Door to Spawn Link (Link spawns to doors so they activate when the door is purchased regardless of wave)
  • Signs (can either give you item for expense of point, or heal you)
  • Point System (10 points for every zombie killed)
  • Economy Support (uses vault to link to most economy systems)
    • Death Tax (% of bank, defined in config)
    • Money per Kill (added to player account after kill, defined in config)
    • Game Over or /leave Account Zeroing (defined in config)
  • Spectate System (dead players can spectate the game)
  • Friendly Fire Deductions (Players who strike or fire upon other players are deducted points)
  • Friendly Fire Alerts (Sound is played on client side when player strikes or fire upon other players)
  • Player Death Alerts (Sound is played at death location of player, white wool block flashes) Note this feature experimental
  • Internal Anti-grief (if automated server, use this feature to prevent blocks from being broken)
  • Items on Join (When a player joins a game, they receive items defined in the config)
  • Optional Automation Feature (Defined in config, includes cooldown time between new game starts, in seconds)
    • Included /vote feature (gets 2 random maps of all maps and puts them up for vote)
  • Custom Zombie Drops (defined in config, includes chance for drop)
  • 10th round Fire (Netherrack set on fire every 10th round, use /zsa-fire <name>)
  • Version Checking (Displays in console and alerts ops that are in-game if out of date, also include /zs-version command)
  • Special Action Blocks (Must be added to game with command /zsa-special)
    • Yellow Wool: Double Player Velocity
    • Blue Wool: Super Jump
    • Light Blue Wool: Super+ Jump (Higher jump than Blue Wool)
    • Orange Wool: Light's player on fire for 10 seconds
    • Black Wool: Kills player
    • Light Gray Wool: Sets player invisible
    • Gray Wool: Invisible players back to visible
    • Green Wool: Slows player slightly

Useful Pages For Admins

Video Tutorials

Credit: stadvert


You do not need to define permissions for this plugin to work.

  • zs.start
  • zs.end
  • zs.create
  • zs.edit
  • zs.remove
  • zs.reload
  • zs.version
  • zs.tp
  • zs.stats
  • zs.help
  • zs.join
  • zs.leave
  • zs.whisper
  • zs.signs


This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org: A unique identifier, the server's version of Java, whether the server is in offline or online mode, the plugin's version, the server's version, the OS version/name and architecture, the core count for the CPU, the number of players online, the Metrics version,

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

Read before posting comments

Completely new and rewritten version will come out as soon as possible, I am already working on it.


If this plugin helps you please feel free to donate and keep this project updated. I am coding this plugin in my free time. New Title Image
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