Zombies Hazard

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* ZH-ver1.1.1 released!

  update the moblist. type /zhmoblist in your server.


* ZH-ver1.1.0 released! 

  added new 2 commands.





* summon mobs from points you set.

* randomly pick a player in your world and summon mobs within configurable distance.



* /zhhelp: open a help page

* /zhsetter: get a stick called "Spawn Setter" to set points where you want to summon mobs

* /zhsummon <mob_type>: summon mobs from points you set.

* /zhremoveallpoints: remove all points history you set.

* /zhrandomsummon <mob_type> <distance> <number>: summon a large amount of mobs(number <= 1000) 

* /zhmoblist: see mob list


Tutorial 1

1. type /zhsetter and get "Spawn Setter"

2. right click the block where you want zombies to spawn with Spawn Setter.

3. type /zhsummon <mob_type> to summon mobs.

* if you want remove all spawn points. type /zhremoveallpoints


Tutorial 2 

1. type /zhrandomsummon <mob_type> <distance> <number>

e.g)  If you type /zhrandomsummon zombie 50 100 ,

         then100 zombies will be spawned from randomly picked a player within 50 blocks.


Mob List

 Hostile Mob
zombie, creeper, skeleton, spider, ghast
blaze, ender_dragon, pig_zombie
evoker, vex, vindicator, enderman
wither_skeleton, cave_spider, elder_gurdian
illusioner, gurdian, husk, stray
giant, zombie_villager, slime, silverfish
witch, shulker

 Friendly Mob
cow, pig, chicken, sheep, ocelot, donkey
villager, bat, wolf, iron_golem, horse
skeleton_horse, zombie_horse, mule, mushroom_cow



* I support Bukkit 1.12 version. so if you want other version's one or extra function, or find some bugs. Please let me know.



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