11/12/19: Fixed a 3-year-old bug causing XP to aggregate into massive pools. Get version 1.6.3-1!
10/23/19: 1.14.4 Support + Bugfixes! This update is fully compatible with 1.13 game versions.


Zenchantments is a custom enchantment plugin adds 70+ new enchantments to the game, covering a multitude of different uses. These include target-tracing arrows, lumber axes, block-breaking lasers, and much more. These custom enchantments are obtained through the normal enchantment process, and act like regular enchantments, capable of being combined and merged. The plugin also adds several new arrows, which can be crafted through special recipes. These can do things like encase a target in spiderwebs, strike lightning onto the ground, and launch grenades. A complete list of all these enchantments and elemental arrows (along with their crafting recipes) can be found below.



  • Harvest works on Sweet Berries
  • Transformation creates 50/50 Red and Brown Mooshrooms
  • Grindstones now remove Zen enchantments
  • Fuse Arrows now cause Charged Creeper explosions to yield monster heads
  • Fixed: Switch + Grab breaks the old block, but does not place the new block
  • Fixed: Switch places undyed Shulker Boxes, destroying their contents
  • Fixed: Persephone destroys some crop items while planting
  • Fixed: Enchantment stacking in Enchantment tables




Official Server

Thank you all for your help during development!

  • NyanPig's Server:

Bug Reporting & Suggestions

Please contact us at ZedlyDev@gmail.com for any suggestions or bug reports. For bug reports please include a version and a console error if there is one. Thank you!


If you want to donate the page can be found here. Anything is always appreciated!


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