Each world will generate its own config file for per-world customization


In the config file each enchantment is listed with several variables:

  • Probability: Chance of obtaining the enchantment when enchanting. (Decimal) (0 = no probability, -1 = disabled)
  • Tools: Determines what tools can recieve the enchantment. (Axe, Shovel, Sword, Pickaxe, Rod, Shears, Bow, Lighter, Hoe, Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, All)
  • Name: Determines the appearance of the enchantment on tools. (For color use '§' instead of "&")
  • Max Level: Determines the highest obtainable level for the enchantment. (Integer)
  • Cooldown: Determines how quickly a user can repeatedly use the enchantment. (Integer) (In increments of 1/20th of a second)
  • Power: Determines how powerful the enchantments is. (Decimal)

Other Variables

  • enchant_rarity: Changes the overall probability of obtaining all custom enchantments
  • max_enchants: Changes the maximum number of custom enchantments possible per item
  • enchant_PVP: Determines if custom enchantments work in PVP
  • shred_drops: Determines what the Shred enchantment drops (all, block (no ores), or none)
  • explosion_block_break: Determines if the certain enchantments can break blocks
  • description_lore: Determines if the enchantment descriptions show up in lore
  • description_color: Determines the color of enchantment descriptions shown in lore


Artifacts Config


(Artifacts are currently disabled until we find a good use for them, even if it's just useful items for other plugins)


Artifacts for the Archaeology enchantment are fully customizable in the following format:
Probability: 1
Discovery Range: 41..255
Damage Range: 30..230
Enabled: true
Item ID: 258
Item Data: 0
Lore: Iron Age
Name: §cIron Battle Axe

  • There is no limit to the number of artifacts that can be added.
  • Names and lore can be given color through the '§' character and color codes.
  • Lore can be given multiple lines, simply through use of the '|' character.
  • An Item ID must be real and be an actual item, or else it will drop a glitched item.
  • Item Data must be real or it will yield a glitches item.
  • Damage Range is how much use is on a dropped tool.
  • Discovery Range is the block levels which an artifact can be found.
  • Probability is relative, like enchantments.


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