ZeeSlag v1.2.1 [CB 1.3.2-R0.1]

Ever wanted to play the famous and well known BattleShips game in MineCraft?
Now you can!
Play against your friends or the computer? It's all possible!
Everybody can play because more games can be played at the same time!

ZeeSlag For MineCraft!
info: ZeeSlag is the dutch word for BattleShips for who wants to know :P


  • ZeeSlag Commands Through Signs!
  • You can Create, Restore, Remove custom fields with names.
  • You can customize how many boats to use on a sertain player field.
  • Integrated 4 boats: Big(7 blocks), Medium(6 Blocks), Normal(5 Blocks) and Small(4 Blocks).
  • You can see how many blocks you need to destroy to win.
  • You can invite each other to play a game.
  • When you die by lightning or fire you respawn on your playerfield.
  • Surrender, if you want to surrender you can...
  • You can change the Location where people get Teleported to when a invite is accepted.
  • YAML Playerfield save file.
  • YAML Settings file.
  • Play against the server!
  • Economy and Permissions(Defaulting to OP if not found.) Support Using Vault. (Get Vault here)
  • Multi-World Support.
  • Multi-Language Support.
  • Nice 4-page ingame help.
  • Take a look at the Settings File or the ChangeLog, there are more features there.

Usefull links

  1. Get Vault Here
  2. Player, Console and Sign Commands + Permission Nodes
  3. Video's (gameplay, commands and fanmade video's)
  4. All Languages Available
  5. Default Setting File
  6. ChangeLog


Download the .jar file from the right top "Download" link and place it in you plugins folder.

When you run your server with this plugin for the first time it will create a folder in the plugins map called: ZeeSlag. The plugin will put all needed files in there and you can start editing the Settings file. When you are done editing you can use this command (with an player or in the console) "/zs load". This will reload the settings file.

Note1: This plugin uses Vault now to interact with the Permissions and Economy plugins. You need Vault.jar in your plugins folder to use Economy and Permission support!

Note2: Editing any file is at own risk! Don't edit the PlayerFieldData file if you don't have any knowledge of the coordination system of MineCraft.

Feature Request

If you got any idea's for this plugin, please tell me all about it on this forum. Thank you.

  • Make it more easy to spawn a area with the 2 playerfields on different worlds or locations.


Here I put some information about what will be new in the next version.
Green: Done With Coding. | Orange: Busy With Coding | Red: Still Need To Do.

  • Make it possible to spawn 2 field separately.


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