Hi people with a mindspan bigger than a goldfish, haven't you guys played on mineplex, hypixel, ect... and u will see a killaura hacker and fly hackers.
Well, they bybass it with antiGwen and ect. Today is the day that I stop hackers. Download now and you will see no more hackers 


What is Zcheat?  Zcheat is a anticheat that is realy called Zoom cheat.

What does it detect? Well, Glide (Only Wurst hacked client), Speed, killaura (no NPC), NoFall, Criticals.

Why did I make Zcheat? TOO MANY HACKERS IN GAME!!!

Commands: NONE

Permisions: zcheat.info gives you info about the ventilations a player is having

Also, this plugin has no false bans if you find one tell me and i'll test that cheat.

 Version: Spigot 1.10 - 1.11



Future Change Log:

I have seen some bugs with NoFall I will be working on it



to unban someone /pardon <name>





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