A fun arena based zombie survival game, vaguely based off of Call of Duty Zombies, only taken to a whole new level. Setup an arena in minutes and fight against wave after wave of unique, customizable zombies to see how far you can get before being overrun!

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  • Fully customizable zombies, skeletons, and wolves. Design your own types using YAML files. You can customize path finding range, speed, damage, equipment, special abilities, damage immunities, special effects, and more!
  • Unlimited waves. The only limit is how far you can get without being killed!
  • Wolf and skeleton waves.
  • Easy to make arenas, with definable spawns, purchase signs, toll signs for doors, and death spawns.
  • Games automatically run without maintenance. When a game ends, you have the option (in the config) to start a vote for which map should be run next.
  • Different gamemodes to keep the game interesting. Such as, a hardcore gamemode, and a scavenger gamemode. These, like custom zombies, can be created using YAML files.
  • Incredibly customizable. Along with customizable zombies, you can also customize the number of zombies per wave, the health of zombies per wave, starting items for players, how often wolf/skeleton waves occur, how much money you get per kill, whether or not the game auto runs, whether or not players auto-join the game, and more!
  • Smart zombies with pathfinding, so players can't just hole up on one end of the map and only have to face the zombies that spawn near them.
  • Built in kill counter to show who the top killers in the game are.

Spout Features

  • You can press the 'o' key to configure personal spout options.
  • You can press the ' ~ ' key to view a custom tab screen, with shows the stats of all ingame players.
  • Entities can have custom textures.
  • A custom voting popup comes up during voting.

Potential Upcoming Features

  • Option for zombies to open doors instead of just destroying them.
  • Support for World Guard, so that you can set a region for each level. The region will reset after each game back to its original state, and players/zombies will be unable to leave the region. Non-ZArena entities will also be unable to spawn in this region. Having a level have a region will be optional.
  • More entity abilities and special effects.


The plugin can get fairly complicated if you want to use all of its features to their full extent. Here are some tutorials on how to use it, ordered (somewhat) by importance.

Something not covered here that you need to know? Write up a ticket, or ask on the forums.


Video Tutorials

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