You want your staff to be able to manage the game, but not your regular members?

Yourself will manage that for you. All players with the right permissions will be able to run the commands normally, but if somebody hasn't got the right permissions and tries to execute the command, some kind of opposite will happen to himself/herself. This helps you punishing players who want to do unallowed stuff.

The Commands:

Without permissions:

  • /kick <player> [Reason] -> kicks yourself
  • /kill <player> -> kills yourself
  • /ban <player> -> bans yourself (since 0.7)
  • /unban <player> -> bans yourself (since 0.7)
  • /strike <player> -> strikes yourself (since 0.2)
  • /op <player> -> If "op-ban-mode" is enabled, bans yourself, if disabled, "U NO HAVE PERMISSIONS" (since 0.9BETA)
  • /feed <player> -> Sets your hunger bar to 0 (since 1.0)
  • /yourself -> "U NO HAVE PERMISSIONS" (since 0.3)

With permissions:

  • /kick <player> [Reason] -> kicks <player>
  • /kill <player> -> kills <player>
  • /ban <player> -> bans <player> (since 0.7)
  • /unban <player> -> unbans <player> (since 0.7)
  • /strike <player> -> strikes <player> (since 0.2)
  • /op <player> -> Ops <player> (since 0.9BETA)
  • /feed <player> -> Feeds <player> (since 1.0)
  • /yourself -> Will let you know the plugin version (since 0.3)


  • yourself.kick
  • yourself.kill
  • yourself.strike (since 0.2)
  • yourself.version (since 0.3)
  • yourself.ban (since 0.7)
  • yourself.unban (since 0.7)
  • yourself.op (since 0.9BETA)
  • yourself.feed (since 1.0)

The Config:

(ver 0.9)

# Yourself! by Mojo_Blaster
#if the player you try to kick/kill/strike/ban/unban is offline, player name automatically added in front of this.
  not-online: is not online!
#if a player without permission trys to run "/yourself"
  info-no-perm: U NO HAVE PERMISSION
#message shown as kick-reason if no reason is given
  Admin-kick-message: §cKicked by an administrator!
#message you see when kicking yourself
  selfkick: You just kicked yourself, idiot!
#message shown when banned
  Admin-ban-message: §cBanned by an administrator!
#message your see when banning yourself
  selfban: You just banned yourself, idiot!
#messages you see with ban-mode: 'false'
  ban-no-perm: U NO HAVE PERMISSIONS
  unban-no-perm: U NO HAVE PERMISSIONS
#message shown with op-ban-mode: "false"
  op-ban-no-perm: U NO HAVE PERMISSIONS

#If true, you will ban yourself when running the commands /ban or /unban.
#I just thought that this feature is not wanted by all users of my plugin, so I made it toggleable.
ban-mode: 'false'

#If true, will ban player who try to "/op <player>" without permission yourself.op
op-ban-mode: 'false'

#If true, you can only add ops with the ops.txt
op-protection: 'false'

Coming soon:

  • Add more stuff n functions

You found some bug? Write a comment and let me know!


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