YASPawn - Yet another Spawn Plugin

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


YASPawn is a powerful spawn plugin, that enables the /spawn command, which teleports the player to a world spawn location.
Administrative tasks are:

  • Enable/Disable a single server spawn on a specific (default) world
  • Set the default world name
  • Enable/Disable spawn locations for specific worlds
  • More configuration options for spawning

What YASPawn is not

  1. YASPawn don't let you set spawn locations.You want to use the /setworldspawn command or other Plugins like Multiverse-Core.
  2. YASPawn teleports you to a single spawn location per world. For more "spawn points" you want to set warp points.

Installation Instructions / Plugin versions

For a complete installation of this plugin, download the YASPawnPlugin-full-<version>.jar file. In case you use others plugins from me, I suggest to install the DBB base plugin and the YASPawnPlugin-minimal-<version>.jar. Since they share the same codebase, your server instance will use less memory because of a decreased plugin size.

Then copy your downloaded files into your /plugins/ directory and start/restart your server. All neccessary files are being generated unless they exist.

Commands and Permissions

/spawnTeleports the player to the spawnyaspawn.spawn
/spawn <world>Teleports the player to the spawn of the given worldyaspawn.spawn.world
/spawn helpDisplays the help page (shows only commands for the appropriate permissions of the player)yaspawn.spawn
/spawn config defaultworldDisplay the default world nameyaspawn.admin.defaultworld
/spawn config defaultworld <world>Set the default world nameyaspawn.admin.defaultworld
/spawn config singleserverspawnDisplays whether the server has a single world spawn or notyaspawn.admin.singleserverspawn
/spawn config singleserverspawn enableEnables the single world spawn featureyaspawn.admin.singleserverspawn
/spawn config singleserverspawn disableDisables the single world spawn featureyaspawn.admin.singleserverspawn
/spawn config sayworldnameDisplays whether saying the world name or not when issuing /spawnyaspawn.admin.sayworldname
/spawn config sayworldname enableEnable saying the world name when issuing /spawnyaspawn.admin.sayworldname
/spawn config sayworldname disableDisable saying the world name when issuing /spawnyaspawn.admin.sayworldname
/spawn config prefixonspawnDisplays whether to display the Plugin prefix when issuing /spawnyaspawn.admin.prefixonspawn
/spawn config prefixonspawn enableEnables displaying the Plugin prefixyaspawn.admin.prefixonspawn
/spawn config prefixonspawn disableDisables displaying the Plugin prefixyaspawn.admin.prefixonspawn
/spawn config localeDisplays the current localeyaspawn.admin.locale
/spawn config locale <locale>Set's a locale (en_US if locale file does not exists)yaspawn.admin.locale
/spawn configSee the complete plugin configurationAny of the above yaspawn.admin.* permissions
/spawn config world <world> disableDisables spawning at the given worldyaspawn.admin.disableworld
/spawn config world <world> enableEnables spawning at the given worldyaspawn.admin.enableworld
/spawn worldlistDisplays a list of all worlds and each state (spawning disabled/enabled)yaspawn.admin.worldlist
/spawn reloadReloads the configuration fileyaspawn.admin.reload

By default, Operators are granted all rights.


YASPawn consists of the default config.yml that allows you to adjust the settings for this plugin:

booleansingle-server-spawnDefines whether a single spawn is enabled for the entire server or nottrue
Stringdefault-worldIn case your default world is not world, specify it here. This can also be used for the default spawn worldworld
Listdisabled-worldsA list of worlds, where the /spawn command will not get you to their respective spawn location, but to that of the default worldworld_nether, world_the_end
booleansay-world.nameTell the world name when the /spawn command is issuedfalse
booleanprefix-on-spawnDisplay the plugin prefix when the /spawn-command is issuedfalse
StringlocaleThe locale string for the language that has to be useden_US
booleanuse-metricsSubmit metrics to mcstats.orgtrue

All locale translations are stored in /plugins/YASPawn/locale/.


Currently these locales are supported:

  • en_US
  • de_DE

All locale strings can be formatted with the Minecraft Formatting Codes.
Note: Some strings contain placeholders (%world%, %state%).

If you miss a translation please PM me.


YASPawn collects statistic data and sends them to MCStats. You can disable this in the plugin configuration file.
Please note: By default, submitting metrics is enabled. By installing this plugin on your server you agree that you submit metrics at least the first time you (re)start your server with having this plugin enabled.

The plugin metrics can be obtained from here.

Plugin Source

This plugin source code is on GitHub. Feel free to fork a clone.


  • Exclude org.lichtspiele.dbb.* from plugin and create a new plugin (DBB) for my plugins
  • Add support for per-group spawn locations/permissions that overrides the existing configuration
  • more to come

Version changes

VersionFilenameGame Version compatibilityDescription
1.1YASPawn-1.1.jar<=craftbukkit-1.7.9Initial release


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