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  • _ForgeUser8667406 created this issue Jul 30, 2012

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    the newest version

    Do you have an error log of what happened?

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    Here is the log:
    I HAVE changed the permissions in the config.yml to "bpermissions"
    I need this fixed ASAP people have figured out and our making warps everywhere!

  • _ForgeUser8667406 added the tags New Defect Jul 30, 2012
  • LigerXT5 posted a comment Jul 30, 2012

    If xwarp wasn't recently added, may I suggest reverting back to what the setting was before? If anything, leave it blank and xwarp will auto detect the perm plugin itself.

  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Jul 30, 2012
    No that didn't work, i left it blank and they can still make warps, they also have - -xwarp.warp.create.* in the permissions file.
  • LigerXT5 posted a comment Jul 30, 2012

    Just making certain, when you set the perm to blank, did it look like this: permissions: plugin: '' < two single quotes, no space.

    If I may suggest, get vault, it's a universal perm/econ plugin that helps all plugins communicate to the many economy/perm plugins. Think of it like a middle man/translator. If you have vault, just put plugin: 'vault'

  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Jul 30, 2012
    Yes thats how it is, if you want to double check: And i have always had vault. and i tried changing it to vault, but they can still make warps D:
  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Aug 1, 2012
    Any idea?
  • LigerXT5 posted a comment Aug 2, 2012

    Sorry for the delay, just got a new apartment and been moving out of the dorms and busy with other related RL stuff along side.

    Mind pasting, or send me a message, the perm config? There might be a confliction down the line from lower-ranked groups.

  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Aug 3, 2012
    I give all my users - -xwarp.warp.create.* and - -xwarp.warp.edit.*
  • LigerXT5 posted a comment Aug 3, 2012

    just now looking at your topic above, I don't think bpermissions support "- -x.y.z" permissions.
    Their form of removing perms, as by reading their FAQ, is using the ^, not the -.

    (quote from FAQ page at )

        - node.node   <- This is a positive node
        - ^node.node  <- This is a negative node
        groups: []

    Edited Aug 3, 2012
  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Aug 3, 2012
    Ok that worked, thank you so much, i had no idea about that page.
  • LigerXT5 posted a comment Aug 4, 2012

    @Gunnerrrrr: Go

    Not a problem. I try to help where and how I can.

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