xUtilities will be a general Player-Admin-Tool for everything! (it is compatible with Essentials :) )

It currently supports teleportation through an extended warp-point-system with categories and permissions - and a couple of other functions.
I am using this plugin on our server to extend all possibilities and implement easier ways for Admins to configure the server aswell as maintain and provide a better informationsystem for players, thats why i am always trying to upgrade it with lots of features and debug them.

Sure, some functions of this Plugin will be the same like Essentials, but it will be more customizable and provide much more informations and possibilities for Admins and Players!

Update 19.03.2013: xUtilities v0.96-fixed+1.5 is out! Bigger updates will come soon!


This Plugin provides following features:

  • extended warp-point-system (xWarp)
  • fast view of all available colors
  • Admin-Chat (single & toggleable)
  • God-Mode
  • Customizable Messages (locate them for your server)
  • ...


  • (x) xWarp-Cooldown (depending on config-settings)
  • (x)Automessager (with various timers)
  • (x) Xtended Informationsystem
  • (x) Xtended Playerteleportation
  • (x) adding sign/redstone support for any commands (maybe in combination with commandblock)
  • (x) extend all teleportationtypes with a switchable history
  • ...

(x) will come for sure
(x) it's possible, but will take some time
(x) not sure, it's just an idea

Changes towards preversion:

v0.96 -> v0.96-fixed+1-5 on approved


  • Added more info to /getcolors
  • fixed command /xgod/-on|off not useable with console
  • fixed command /xwarp-active showing wrong information
  • active status "(x)" was shown twice instead of price

Description, Commands & Permissions:


xWarp is an extended Warp-feature which has a lot possibilities. You can create Warp-Categories in which you can place different Warp-Locations and define if a Warp-Category is useable for a certain group or not. Each warp can be hidden seperately from the normal "/xwarp-list" to prevent some warps to be listet there. You are even able to deactivate warps and give them a description which will be shown to players before and after teleport, if wanted. You can also set up costs, which will be shown in the list aswell as hidden or active states via "/xwarp-op-list".

</xwarp-create [warpname] (category) (cost)>)xutilities.xwarps.admin.createCreates a xWarp-point and sets its category to the default-category and costs to zero, if nothing else was typed in
</xwarp-change [warpname] [category]>xutilities.xwarps.admin.changeChanges an xWarp-Location
</xwarp-list>xutilities.xwarps.common.listLists all non-op or non-hidden xWarps - categories in which players doesn't own any permissions won't be shown either
</xwarp-op-list>xutilities.xwarps.admin.oplistLists all Warps
</xwarp-catlist>xutilities.xwarps.admin.catlistLists all categories
</xwarp-info [warpname]>xutilities.xwarps.common.infoShows some infos about a warp
</xwarp-op-info [warpname]>xutilities.xwarps.admin.infoShows ALL infos about a warp
</xwarp-cat [warpname] [kategorie]>
</xwarp-category [warpname] [category]>
xutilities.xwarps.admin.categoryChanges the Category of a warp
</xwarp-catadd [category]>
</xwarp-category-add [category]>
xutilities.xwarps.admin.categoryaddcreates a new category
</xwarp-catdel [category]>
</xwarp-category-delete [category]>
xutilities.xwarps.admin.categorydeleteDeletes a Category (every warp in that category will be set to the default-category)
</xwarp-category-changeall [fromcategory] [tocategory]>
</xwarp-catcall [fromcategory] [tocategory]>
xutilities.xwarps.admin.categorychangeallchanges the category of all warps in that category to another category
</xwarp-cost [warpname] [amount]>xutilities.xwarps.admin.costchanges the cost of a warp
</xwarp-active [warpname] [true/false]>xutilities.xwarps.admin.activesets a warp active/inactive
</xwarp-hidden [warpname] [true/false]>xutilities.xwarps.admin.hiddenhides a warp to be seen via /xwarp-list
</xwarp-description [warpname] [description]>
</xwarp-descr [warpname] [description]>
xutilities.xwarps.admin.descriptionAdds the description to the allready existing description
</xwarp-description-delete [warpname]>
</xwarp-descr0 [warpname]>
xutilities.xwarps.admin.descriptiondeleteDeletes the Description-phrase
</xwarp-description-active [warpname]>xutilities.xwarps.admin.descriptionactiveSwitches if the description of a warp should be automatically shown after warping


</xwarp [warpname]>xutilities.xwarps.common.xwarpenables a player to use "/xwarp" command
xutilities.xwarps.category.<warpcategory>accesses a player to all warps of that category
xutilities.xwarps.category.nocost.<warpcategory>warps a player without any costs fo the given category
</xwarp [warpname] (playername)>xutilities.xwarps.admin.warpothersa player can warp other players


If you wanted to talk to all op-players, here's the chance.

</amsg [message]>OPSends a Message to all OP-players only
</amsg-toggle>OPEverything you write into that chat will be send to op-only players


Simple Godmode which allows you to directly define via console/playercommand if your or someone else godmode should be turned ON or OFF...

</xgod-list>xutilities.god.admin.listLists all Player in Godmode
</xgod (name)>xutilities.god.common.useToggles Godmode of a Player
</xgod-on (name)>xutilities.god.admin.use.onTurns Godmode ON of a Player
</xgod-off (name)>xutilities.god.admin.use.offTurns Godmode OFF of a Player

xutilities.god.admin.use.targetotherplayer Allows to target another player


You forget it all time? Here's a little relief ;)

</getcolors>noneshows the full colorscale


</xutil-reload>OPreloads every config-file of that plugin

Beware an OP has all permissions!


This Plugin requires Vault to function properly

Current / Dev builds:

  • current Version: v0.96fixed+1.5
  • currently no dev builds

Known Bugs:

  • none until yet


  • copy file(s) into the plugin folder of your bukkitserver-home-directory


Any Ideas/Suggestions? - Create a Ticket / Write a Comment
Any Problems/Bugs? - Create a Ticket / Write a Comment
Feedbacks are much Appreciated! Thank you in Advance!


If you want to support me, you can also donate via paypal or make my Plugins more public ;)


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