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SimpleAlias is a little plugin that makes you able to create aliases which execute commands or send messages. These actions can be ordered, based on certain conditions and highly customised. It also allows you to disable commands from other plugins, so you can for example enforce the usage of an alias. Every alias has its own config file where you can customise the settings!





  • Creation of an infinite amount of aliases
  • Aliases have several actions which are highly customisable
  • Aliases have many settings for checks like cost, permission, cooldown, delay etc.
  • Aliases act like normal commands so they support tab completion and /? <alias> works
  • The usage of aliases can be logged
  • Supports dynamic variables like <sender_name>, <world_name>, <group_name>, <faction_name> etc.
  • Respects command blockage from every plugin
  • Aliases can be fully edited via ingame commands
  • Commands can be blocked with a message


All listed features above are referring to version 1.6.1+ of SimpleAlias!



Upcoming Features


  • Customisable tab completion for alias arguments
  • More action conditions





Click here to get to the wiki page where everything of SimpleAlias is explained. There are also installation tutorials and examples for setting up aliases!




If you find a bug, encounter an error or have new ideas or suggestions for this plugin feel free to create a ticket so we can react to things faster than posting it in the comments! However you can post feedback in the comments, but please use the ticket system for the things I mentioned.




The source can be found right here!





This plugin uses Metrics by BtoBastian to collect various data from servers.

If you don't want Metrics to collect your data you can disable it easily by setting enabled to false in the config file at plugins/bStats/

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Videos wanted for version 1.6.1 or newer.


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